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Feedback thread for Oo Bleu (a.k.a. Just Judy)

Jul 17, 2006

    1. Please post feedback here if you have had a transaction with me :-)

      My D.O.A. username is Oo Bleu...but I'm also known as "Just Judy" to many people....& some people might know me by my website's name which is "obsessed-much"

    2. Just bought a pair of cool eyes from Judy--they arrived promptly, were packaged well, and I was very happy with the quality! She was great to deal with before and during the sale, too--easy to communicate with and quick to reply to PMs. :)
    3. I ordered a set of Royalty eyes, but when they were about to be shipped a crack was noticed. Judy was kind enough to tell me about it and made me a new set of eyes. I had to wait on the creation but that was fine, the eyes are great and the purple is so vibrant. Great communication and a pleasure to work with!
    4. It's been nearly a year since i sent you the Obitsu 'Gretel' head for a face-up and i still have'nt had it returned to me despite emailing you saying i don't mind if you don't wan't to do the face-up and to send the head back to me unfinished.
      I really would like my 'Gretel' head back please
    5. Mamehisa I have placed a response to you about this whole matter in your thread about me in the Feedback forum....please take the time to read it.

    6. Possibly not as much time as as it took you to respond to my requests to return my Gretel head Judy......please don't try to make me out to be an unreasonable person, it has been nearly a year since i sent the head to you and i still don't have it back, i think i have a right to be a little annoyed don't you?
    7. Again...there is a response for you in the other thread....