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Feedback Thread for Orophine

Sep 8, 2011

    1. Hi Sweeties! I love to buy and sell stuff for and from my private Collection from time to time. :) So If you had a transaction with me please post in this thread.

      Thank you very much <3:)
    2. Orophine bought two necklaces from me! :) Replies were prompt and communication was excellent! Payment was made quickly, absolutely a joy to deal with!
      Thank you so much for the lovely transaction! :chocoberry
    3. Orophine is a terrific seller!
      I just bought a SD Doll from her, and I wouldn't hesitate to buy again! She was fast and friendly to communicate with, shipped right away, and the "Boy" is in tip-top condition.

      Thanks again!
    4. I bought an SID Eva from Orophine, she was very friendly and answered my questions fast, the doll was in perfect condition as described and she shipped her very quick!
      I can definitely recommend her as a seller, thank you for this nice transaction!
    5. Seconding Orophine as a terrific seller!

      I bought a tan MD Ryu head from Orophine. Communication was friendly and prompt, and shipped fast. The head is exactly as described and was well-packaged.

      I can't recommend Orophine enough as a seller. I would not hesitate to do business again in the future :)