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Feedback thread for Pipercat99

Dec 11, 2007

    1. pipercat99 purchased 2 outfits from me. Awesome buyer, great communication and fast payment. I would definitely recommend & would love to do business with again. Thanks so much! ^_^
    2. pipercat99 bought two pairs of eyes from me and paid promptly! Thank you for a wonderful transaction!
    3. Purchased a doll from Pipercat! Super speedy communication and shipping! took less then 5 days to talk to her, purchase and have my doll delivered too me! Highly recommended!! :D
    4. Hello,

      Piper purchased a doll from me and paid very quickly. The communication was always prompt and friendly, I definately recommend piper for future transactions!!

      Thanks I hope you enjoy the little sweetheart!
    5. I bought a tiny doll from Lizzie.
      The transaction was super!
      She packed the doll very well and shipped it out immediately. I found her to be a very reliable and responsible seller!
      I highly recommend her!
      Thank you!!:fangirl:
    6. Pipercat99 bought several pair of shoes from me. Excellent buyer, great communication, and paid fast. A flawless transaction from every angle. ^-^
    7. I sold pipercat99 some wigs. She was very friendly in all of her pms and sent a speedy payment. I would recommend her to anyone. Thanks so much for the excellent transaction! :)
    8. great buyer :)
      wonderful communication :pcupcake:aheartbea:bcupcake
    9. Pipercat99 participated in an Iplehouse group order that I recently ran. She was a great participant who paid in a timely manner, and was very patient throughout the unexpected lengthy wait to receive our items from Iplehouse. Thanks for participating in my group order!
    10. Pipercat99 bought my Soom Glot. I had some unexpected problems, but she was very understanding. She communicates well and paid promptly. Perfect transaction! I would highly recommend buying/selling with her! :)
    11. Pipercat bought a secondhand fur wig from me and the transaction went beautifully. ^^ Thanks so much for great communication and speedy payment! <3 A great buyer!
    12. Pipercat purchased a pair of Soom MD eyes from me. She was kind and paid promptly, and very patient. She was understanding of the few issues I had mailing them to her and was good-humored about the delays. I enjoyed working with her and would happily enter into more transactions with her in the future.
    13. I bought some clothes from Pipercat99. She was very responsive and extra helpful with providing pictures. Shipping was super fast. I would definitely buy from her again. :fangirl:

    14. Bought a green JID Dress from her. Was very nice, and the dress got here super fast~ Would buy from again!
    15. Pipercat ROCKS!!! She sold me her PukiFee Ante and Made my Holidays!!! A sheer pleasure to work with start to finish, and I Highly Recommend Pipercat - she is the BEST!!!

      Here is my SqueeDorable PukiFee Ante getting shown about da place by Tiggy - Thank you SO MUCH!!!!!
    16. I bought a lot of MSD clothing from Pipercat99.

      She was really sweet, threw in a ton of extra stuff and included shipping in the purchase price. Communication was excellent and incredibly fast.

      I would totally recommend her to others, and would do business with her again myself.:thumbup:thumbup
    17. I bought a "Lot" of Iplehouse clothes from Pipercat99 and everything went very smoothly. Her communication was great, shipping was lightening fast, the items were packed very well and in excellent condition. I would highly recommend Pipercat99 as a seller and would love to buy from her again. Thanks so much for a great transactions.
    18. I did a trade with Pipercat99 and she was awesome to do business with. Friendly, communication was wonderful and the the outfit I got in trade was shipped quickly and is absolutely darling. She even including a couple sweet little things for my tiny dolls. Trade and buy with confidence. Thanks so much Lizzie:)
    19. Thank you Lizzie... Great outfit!!