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Feedback Thread for PrettyInPink :)

Jun 22, 2007

    1. Hey guys, if you have had any sort of transaction with me, whether selling or buying, here's the place to give me feedback! Thanks!
    2. Bought a wig from PrettyInPink, and she was fast, wrapped it carefully for transit, and was a joy to deal with!
    3. I recently purchased a SD sized carrying bag from PrettyInPink. She was friendly and shipped quickly! The item was packed nicely and was in excellent condition. :) All in all a very pleasant transaction! Thank you again!
    4. Bought several Friends2BMade items through PrettyInPink via a Group Order. She was very easy to communicate with, did exactly as promised, and she shipped out almost immediately. I was thrilled, and am looking forward to dealing with her again!
    5. i sell a eyes, quickly payment, friendly buyer!
    6. Got my package from F2BM group order from PrettyInPink and I must say, she ships fast. Super friendly to deal with too! Thanks!
    7. Got my package from the Build-A-Bear, Friends 2B Made group order. Everything was in good shape, she was easy and friendly to deal with. Would definitely join in a group order run by her again :)
    8. Good communication and she paid in a reasonable amount of time ^^ Thank you!
    9. PrettyInPink kindly got me some friends2bmade clothes.Lovely person to deal with, good communication and super fast shipping.Thank you so much.:)
    10. I was in the Friends2BMade group she handled and had an excellent experience! Very kind, kept in communication and was quick to ship everything out! Thank you so, so much! Everything worked out perfectly!!! X3 <3
    11. Ordered more Friends2BMade clothes and they came in quickly and in great condition! Highly recommend dealing with! ^^
    12. I was part of a F2BM group order, and it was a wonderful experience overall! Great communication and I got my package in good time. PrettyInPink is a great seller!
    13. PrettyinPink ran a Dollmore group order that I was recently part of.
      There were various unforeseen problems (her computer broke, there was a hole in the box) but as soon as she got her computer fixed, my items popped up!

      I would DEFINITELY recommend this seller; very trust-worthy, and she was kind enough to foot the shipping bill.

      Thanks again, hun! :)
    14. I participated in PrettyinPink's recent Dollmore group order. Overall a pleasant experience, despite having computer issues. Very fast shipping. I would definitely purchase from her again, thanks so much! ^_^
    15. ^^ I was part of her group order, too, and, though there were computer/box related problems, she was still great with communication and my items arrived yesterday perfect and quickly! Plus, she used the cutest packing tape ever. XD

      ^_^ I'd recommend her to anyone! She's kind, sweet, and a pleasure to work with. Thanks!
    16. I also was part of the rather eventfull Dollmore group order and must say PrettyInPink was a delight to deal with despite the problems with her computer. She kept everyone informed when she was able to do so and kept calm in a situation that could have easily become rather negative.
      Very friendly, communicates frequently, package well wrapped, arrived very quickly, and I second the remark about the cute parcel tape :)

      Would highly recommend her to anyone wishing to participate in a group order!!
    17. I was also part of the eventful Dollmore group order. Despite the various issues that popped up during it, PrettyInPink communicated regularly with us. My items arrived in excellent condition and she was kind enough to foot the shipping bill.

      I would definitely participate in a group order that she runs again!
    18. I too was part of the Dollmore group order. Everything was packaged great (although personally I feel they could have gone into a padded envelope instead of a box, but I don't really mind!) and once the computer problems were sorted out everything was sent quickly. Thanks!
    19. PrettyInPink bought doll eyes from me. She paid quickly and let me know when items arrived. A real pleasure to do business with.
    20. PrettyInPink bought a Luts skirt from me. She was wonderful to deal with, and let me know when the item arrived. Highly recommended!