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Feedback thread for PRGerry

Jan 22, 2009

    1. Thank you so much for leaving a feedback. ;)
    2. PRGerry bought puki parts and clothes from me, paid super fast and has excellent communication. It was a smooth and pleasant transaction! Thanks so much!
    3. PRGerry purchased a tricycle for tinies from me... she's such a wonderful person to deal with, very friendly and prompt. It was a pleasure, and I hope we have many more successful transactions ahead of us!
    4. PRGerry bought a faceplate from me. She was super nice to communicate with. I hope to see more of her in the future!
    5. Gerry bought a Fairyland Puki from me. It was a very smooth transaction, payment was made quickly, and she was very nice to talk to :) I would definitely do business with her again :fangirl::D
    6. RPGerry purchased a puki wig from me. The transaction went very smoothly with great communication, quick payment, and she informed me when it arrived. Thank you!
    7. i sold a PUKi to Gerry, she paid promptly, and answered all PM's.... a trusted buyer:)
    8. PRGerry bought a puki faceplate from me; payment was quick, and even though I made a shipping error on my end, she was very polite about it.

      Thank you so much again!
    9. PRGerry purchased a Rement set from me, and everything was great. Thank you very much! ^^
    10. PRGerry purchased some puki parts from me, we had a great international transaction and I'd love to deal with you again sometime :) Many thanks!
    11. PRGerry bought a dreaming lily faceplate today from me!
      Communication was great and they were very quick with payment and told me when the item had arrived!
      Thanks for the great transaction!
    12. PRGerry purchased a FL Puki Pipi FP from me last week, fast payment and let me know as soon as she got it! Great buyer!!!!!!!!!

      Love ya crazeh ladeh!
    13. PRGerry bought a puki Darjeeling from me. I was hesitant to let her go and had only put her up as a feeler but Gerry swooped in right away and offered her a great home!
      I love how she uses tinies for charity work and to amuse kids! I know my puki is in a good home :)
      Communication was great and all went very fast :aheartbea
    14. PRGerry bought a lambswool wig from me. Communication was friendly, payment was prompt and the transaction was smooth as silk. Would gladly do business with PRGerry again!
    15. PRGerry bought my modded puki- she paid quickly, was very friendly, and she let me know when the doll arrived to her safe and sound. :) Thanks for a great, drama-free transaction! I wouldn't hesitate to buy from or sell to PRGerry again.
    16. Gerry bought a LittleFee Flora from me. She paid quickly and was wonderful to work with. Thank you again!
    17. Positive feedback from me! PRGerry bought a Naripon Periwinkle from me. She was very nice. Payment was sent quickly. She let me know when the dolly arrived. Perfect!
    18. PRGerry purchased a yosd bedroom set from me. She kept great communication and let me know when the item arrived. Thanks so much!!!
    19. PRGerry bought an outfit from me, and everything went wonderfully. Quick communication, and she let me know when the outfit arrived. All-around pleasant person to deal with.
    20. PRGerry bought a LTF girl body from me. She paid fast and on time. She also let me know when she had the body and how it arrived. :D