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Feedback thread for Prysm

Apr 9, 2008

    1. Please post your feedback for me here, thank you~

      People I've bought from/participated in group orders with before I made this thread:

      Group orders:
      Luts- Ayaka
      Friends 2B Made- PrettyInPink

    2. Sold a pair of eyes to Prysm...great communication and very fast payment. Highly recommend!
    3. Prysm participated in the Luts GO I organised, and I'd definitely have no problems with future business with her. Fast payment, friendly pm's and let me know when her package arrived! Many thanks and thanks for taking part in the group order!
    4. I bought a Puki Pipi from Prysm. Communication was great, she shipped as soon as I sent payment, and even refunded part of the shipping when it turned out to be less than expected! I'd def. feel confident about buying from Prysm again! Thank you!
    5. Prysm bought a Breakaway head from me. Fast payment, friendly pms, let me know when her package arrived! She's awesome to business with, and I still would have no objections to working with her again.
    6. Prysm bought a pair of eyes from me, paid promptly and was just great to deal with. Thanks so much! ^^
    7. Prysm participated in my LUTS GO. She responsed to reply quickly, paid promptly, and let me know when she received the items. It was a pleasure to work with Prysm ^^ I'd love to have her in my GO again. Thank you for joining the group order!:chocoberry
    8. I just sold a pair of eyes to Prysm, it was a smooth transaction, she paid promptly and communication was good. Would love to do trade with her again. Thanks! :)
    9. Prysm bought some custom eyes from me, it was a perfect transaction in everyway. She even let me know they arrived :) Thank you <3
    10. Did a wonderful fukubukuro DH trade with Prysm.
      The pants arrived in wonderful condition and everything was smooth

      Thanks again for a wonderful transaction!
    11. First off, I apologize for the extremely delayed feedback! ^^; Been busy busy busy and it slipped my mind until I looked at my own feedback!

      Anyway, Prysm participated in my Tata GO and was wonderful to deal with! She was extremely understanding of my awful post office situation when they couldn't mail out her package right away due to my post office being difficult. She let me know right away when the package was received, and was very prompt to pay!

      Would definitely recommend her 100%!
    12. Prysm was a part of my recent Dollshe group order. Payment was prompt, communication was great and she let me know when her order arrived. Thanks so much!
    13. Prysm purchased some assorted clothes from me. Fast payment, great communication and really nice to deal with. I am glad everything arrived so fast and safe, Thank you :)
    14. Prysm bought a pair of shoes from me. Perfect transaction! Thank you very much! :D
    15. Prysm bought a pair of Dollshe eyes from me, and was very friendly and quick to both communicate and pay. I would not hesitate to deal with Prysm again. Thanks! :)
    16. Prysm bought some clothing from me, with quick payment and pleasant communication. Thanks!
    17. Prysm purchased a couple items from my store. Prysm was very friendly and had great communication. Thanks again!
    18. Prysm participated in my LUTS GO. Great communication and fast payments. She kept in contact and let me know when she received her items. She is a great, patient member to have in a group order. Thank you very much for joining my GO again! ^^
    19. Prysm purchased my Luts Delf Soony. Prysm was friendly, had fast communication and paid quickly. High recommended! A+
    20. I sold Prysm some SD lace panties and stockings. Everything was perfect! Hope to deal with her again! (\^__^/)