Feedback thread for Psiiconic

Mar 13, 2016

    1. I'm starting a feedback thread now~
    2. @Psiiconic bought a pair of df-h jointed hands from me and the transaction was great. Payment was prompt and communication was excellent. Would definitely do business again!
    3. @Psiiconic bought a Granado nuevo from me and the transaction was easy and payment was prompt. She is easy to communicate with. Would definitely work with her again.
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    4. Bought a dollheart dress off me, wonderful buyer! Very Reccomended! :)
    5. Psiiconic purchased a full doll from me on a brief layaway. Communication was excellent and prompt, and payments were reliable and arrived when promised. Psiiconic was also really fun to chat with! Highly recommended!

      Linda S.
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    6. Succeeded in partial trade with Psiiconic ^ ^ Great and easy communication, very nice, very polite, send payments and ships promptly!! Very pleasant experience : )

      Thank you~
    7. Psiiconic participated in my secondhand swap. They followed all the rules, sent their package in a timely manner, kept in contact, and let me know when they received their end. They were an excellent participant and helped the swap to run smoothly. Thanks!
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    8. Sent my Soom Tuff to Psiiconic for eye-mods and am very happy with the result! Psiiconic was extremely communicative, friendly, and patient, and the modifications to my doll bring out a completely new and stunning personality. Rates were also extremely reasonable. Thank you so much. :)
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