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Feedback Thread for PurgatoriX

Apr 20, 2008

    1. I sold an Omukae outfit to PurgatoriX and she was a complete pleasure to deal with. She let me know when the outfit was received, paid promptly and kept in contact with me. I would definitely engage in transactions with her again. :chocoberry
    2. I bought a wonderful shirt from PurgatoriX, she is wonderful and even kept me up to date with my tracking which was rather amazing:), lovely and little presents too:aheartbea, A great seller in every way and a huge thank you for a great shirt that my boy adores.

    3. PurgatoriX bought the default Alain Wig from me. Communication was excellent and payment was fast. Highly recommend.

      Thank you
    4. I just bought some Yo SD hands from PurgatoriX and she was just amazing to buy from. She sent my hands super fast and carefully packed them. She stayed in contact with me and was friendly and just a complete pleasure to deal with! I would definitely engage in transactions with her in the future! :D
    5. Paulette sold me a pair of YoSD option hands and was an absolute doll herself to do business with. They were packaged extremely well, shipped quickly, and communication was great.
    6. I ordered my FCS F40 from PurgatoriX's service! our transaction was PERFECT! PurgatoriX was very VERY easy to work with, very understanding and she kept everything update! The package arrived very well packed and was shipped very quickly!
      Thank you very much!!! I will have to come back to you again! ^________^
    7. PurgatoriX handled ordering, receiving, and shipping my Genji to me. She was very good about communication and is a great and trustworthy person to deal with. She did send me photos of my doll as well before he arrived so I knew he was safe on her end.
    8. I ordered my FCS F01 from Paulette. She hired her for me very quickly, so she managed to reach doll before the Christmas and she waited for me under the Christmas tree^^.
      Frankly I recommend. She is really nice person, quick respond and kept me update, package arrived perfect packed.
      If I will be ordering next fcs in future I will certainly report to her<3
      Thank you so so much :)
    9. Ordered Omukae outfit through FCS from PurgatoriX
      The transaction and communication was smooth.

      Provided photo and mailed promptly. Would commission her again
    10. I did a Sato FCS through Paulette and she is fantastic to work with. This was my first time ordering FCS and through a service too. She made things very easy for me and I will definitely seek out her service again if I order another.
      Thank you so much for your friendly help and a smooth transaction all together~
    11. So sorry I didn't do this when I said I would >_<

      I also did an FCS order through Paulette and it was an experience I'll never forget. She gave me great advice about some parts of the ordering process I was indecisive with at first, and I'm so glad she was there to make it all very easy. Very trustworthy and quick with everything from communication to shipping. Thank you so much for helping Atsuko to her home! :D
    12. Ordered tenshi wings from PurgatoriX. Transaction was great. Good communication and fast shipping.

      Provided photos and mailed promptly. Repeat happy buyer
    13. I contacted purgatorix so i can get my little Yo-sd kun from the Volk'sTokyo Event. It has been an absolutely joy to dealing with her..always nice and so friendly when talking to me ^^ and as soon as she received her from Volks she quickly sent her to me. I'm so gratefully for her help and i would love to dealing with her if i have any other chance.

      Thank you so much sweetie ^^ !!
    14. I contacted purgatorix so I could get my little Yo-SD NONO from the Tokyo event, and I can't say enough good things about the entire ordeal. She was SO pleasant and informative! Everything came so quickly as soon as she arrived to her, and the pictures she sent were superb! Communication was great, shipping was great, everything was just wonderfully organized. I can't thank her enough for all she's done, and I will DEFINITELY be dealing with her the next time something like this comes up, or I want a FCS dolly. ;D

      Thank you so much again hon! You're the best!!!!
    15. I ordered my YoSD Kira from purgatorix (The Volk's Disney Event). Paulette is excellent at communicating, taking pictures and informative through-out the whole process. Thank you for the wonderful experience. :)
    16. I ordered my FCS boy from her and it was a wonderful and smooth transaction. She was very friendly, communicative, initiative, helpful and responsible. If I have the chance to deal with her again, I would do so without hesitation.
      Thank you for the wonderful experience!
    17. I bought an FCS wig from purgatorix. Good communication and fast shipping, the transaction was smooth-sailing from start to finish! A wonderful seller, thank you so much! :)
    18. I ordered my FCS Boy through PurgatoriX's TenshiToku Sato FCS service, and I could not be happier. Communication was quick and easy. She was helpful and answered all of my questions. I will definitely use her services again (if she's still in Japan) when I want another FCS SD from Sato. :)
    19. PurgatoriX sold me her Volks Ryoya Konoe. It was a perfect transaction :) She accepted my layaway plan with no problem, communication was great, she shipped fast after I paid him off... She is such a lovely person to deal with :D Very polite, kind and sweet :)

      Thank you so much for everything!
    20. I purchased a Sato FCS F-36 girl through PurgatoriX and everything was perfect! My face-up request was very exacting and must have been difficult to explain but it turned out exactly as I wished! I would certainly do business with her again. :)

      Thank you for all of your hard work!!! :pcake