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Feedback Thread for ragamuffinz

Jul 1, 2006

    1. Since i am planning to start selling soon, i thought i'd make a feedback thread first and let it sit for a while. lol XDDD


      I also share an ebay account with revsoul to buy things. Check the feedback under rpgfanatic88 !!
    2. awesome sushi pillows. amazing shipping and a realllllly nice person!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3!!!
    3. Such a nice nice person! And so generous! :D

      I'm trading a vest for a sushi pillow because I felt bad just taking it, and I got the pillow yesturday. It's so adorable, rainbow sushi of loove! <3

    4. Fantastic seller, sewer, and just a great person. ^_^ My sushi and onigiri pillows are adorable and I love the Pikachu shirt we got! <333

      Six thumbs up! ^__^
    5. I loe ur sushi pillow and thanks for it... XD Shinku love it so much its totally welldone... *hugs*
    6. =D Wonderful stuff and a wonderful person! Kyo loves his new shirt~ and I have to commend you for getting MSD measurements correct by just guessing. I'll be buying more stuff in the future for sure
    7. thanks for the lovely shirt =)
    8. Excellent sewing, as you can see, the shirt is perfect!
      A very kind person I would gladly do business with again! :)
    9. just bought another shirt from her! great transaction! thanks again!!!
    10. ragamuffinz bought a pair of eyes from me and it was a very smooth, easy transaction! Thanks so much!