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Feedback Thread for Raine Delmont

May 1, 2007

    1. Since I have two shops now (plus Seams for Free, but that's not exactly a shop, I suppose :sweat ) I decided I need to have a feedback thread.

      So, if you have made a transaction with me, let me (and others) know about your experience! ^^
    2. I bought a couple of summer dresses from Raine Delmont, she's wonderful to deal with and shipped the dresses very quickly. They're fabulous :)
    3. I bought a summer dress from Raine Delmont and its wonderful. She shipped the dress quickly and informed me right away when there was a small set-back with the shipping (holidays off, you know ^^ ). Wonderful person to buy from.
    4. Hi -- I sold some wigs a little ago to Raine. Everything went very well, payment was prompt, communication excellent. Would do business with her again any time.

    5. Sold a necklace to Raine. Fast communication and payment, and very friendly. Thanks!
    6. She bought a pair of eyes from me. Great to deal with. Thanks. :)
    7. Our first transaction with Raine was perfect. Quick payment and a real pleasure to deal with. Thanks so much!
    8. Another perfect transaction. Wonderful buyer! A+++++
    9. Raine Delmont bought a mnf head from me, and the transaction goes soo smooth. she is very nice and trustworthy...:aheartbea :aheartbea
    10. Raine Delmont bought a wig from me last week. She's been great about communication and paid quickly :)
    11. I had a wonderful transaction with Raine Delmont. I sold her some eyes and everything went so smooth with great communication and quick payment. Thank you! :)
    12. She let me paint her Edward and the transaction was great. Friendly, commutative, and paid promptly. Highly recommended! :)
    13. Awesome buyer. Quick payment and hassle free. Thanks again!
    14. Received my seems for free item promptly from her. Awesome item, thanks a bunch. ^_^
    15. Participated in Seams for Free. Bought a nice black hoodie for one of my new boys that's coming in a month or so. Raine Delmont was very pleasant to deal with and the item just arrived today safe and sound. Very smooth transaction and I'd be willing to deal with her again either through Seams for Free or just in general. Thanks again!!
    16. Raine Delmont bought 2 wigs from me, paid really fast and I received a reply for every single PM ^^

      Thank you <3
    17. Sold a dress to Raine. Very quick payment and awesome communication. A very great customer who I would gladly sell to again. :)
    18. Highly recommended buyer! Always great to deal with. Thanks again!!
    19. Sorry ta be so late! :sweat But, sold to Raine Delmont and the transaction was great, fast payment and kept in-touch, thanks so much! =^_^=
    20. I participated in the Seams for Free thing for my AR Mano girl Netty. Things were kinda chaotic but sorted themselves out and I got the shirt (plus a couple extras) in good time. I would definantly deal with her again. Thanks!