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Feedback Thread for Rising Sun

Oct 1, 2006

    1. Please leave me feed back for Items I may have sold you or bought from you !! Thank you for doing so!!:D
    2. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to leave negative feedback here which I'm sure I'll receive in return, for what reason though, is unknown.

      I order from Rising Sun over a month ago. $54 worth of clothing, as little or as much as it may seem. I waited patiently until a week and a half had passed. I contacted her and I got a response, saying she would check with her husband to see when he mailed them off. I was told the 25th after I paid on the 21st. Of course, take in mind that this response came close to the 9th of Nov (I emailed her on the 1st. ). Yes, I know she was out of town and I did take that into consideration as well... but I did not know that until she told me on the 9th.

      After that, I took into consideration that sometimes the postal service is slow. After trying to contact her repeatedly, so we could sort this out, I got no response. Only one, on Nov 10th, saying she would re-make the clothes and that one was in the thread I made about her. She told me to contact her and I did... there was NO further response from her. I even opened up a dispute with paypal and STILL she didn't contact me. I raised it to a claim and still nothing. I know it was said she was having computer problems, but I'm more than 100% sure that there are other computers around there... like the local library. I would have been more than will to work things out with her if she had shown some initiative during the whole issue... but she didn't and so, I cannot leave her anything but negative feedback.

      I'm not going to say don't trust her, thats not a decision I can make for anyone, but I wanted to share my story and leave her feedback, so everyone can know what may happen to them.
    3. Well, I've never ever had to leave a bad feedback before. I feel kind of weird. But I'm in the same boat as xanthe_roses. I never received my hundred dollar order. And she never responded to any PM's, Posts, or E-mails. I'm much willing to edit this if she ever contacts me, or I ever get my stuff.....we'll see...as it is I've been waiting 4 months....