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Feedback thread for Robyn_in_WA - Thanks to all who responded!

Sep 16, 2005

    1. I've bought/sold/traded with a number of the wonderful folks
      on DoA over the years. Now, it looks like most of my posts
      have been deleted - either were mostly in marketplace or the
      recent crashes did them in.

      I wonder if a few of my trading partners could put a plug
      under this post? I'm trying to sell some Unoss Eye mechanisms
      to another member - and would like to show them some references?

      Thanks for taking the time!
      Robyn in WA :)

      10:30pm Saturday 16Sep05 - THANKS my friends!!! :)
      I'm really touched by the lovely references you're giving me!!!
      You folks could cheer up the 'grinch' with such nice things to say!!!
      THANKS Tons!!!! :)
    2. I for one would be more than happy to "plug" you Robyn!

      I have had dealings with her as a buyer and seller and everything is always as described, shipped on time, paid on time and in general just all round pleasant person to deal with.

      Buy with confidience!
    3. I've dealt with Robyn a lot and she is a pleasure to deal with. And if you don't know me, I have plenty of refs on eBay under cmdolz.
    4. Robyn_in_WA - my girls LOVE your dresses... :daisy Anytime you'd be up for doing some more colors :lol: Robyn, I know you had lots of marketplace posts... so you lose number of 'total' posts when they are deleted? hmm... so everyone's post numbers could be going down (not up!)

      I've brought from Robyn-in-WA. Everything went super smoothly, and I got my beautiful dresses fast! And many emails exchanged.

    5. I would never hesitate to deal with Robyn. I have done trading with her, plus I have purchased from her. Her dealings are top-notch!
    6. I've purchased numerous items from Robyn and highly recommend her! Anyone can purchase with confidence from Robyn, she's top notch! And in case you're wondering about me, I have a positive feedback of 1364 on ebay under the id of opal, and just recently sold a gorgeous CP Soo to a DoA member who I believe is very happy with her new girl. :)
    7. I've bought from Robyn a few times, and it's always been a smooth, quick, wonderful transaction!
    8. I have had several fantastic deals with Robyn.
      I was hunting for Unoss shoes, back when it was near impossible to find any and Robyn had some lovely feminine shoes that fit my Emma perfectly!
      She's also an excellent seamstress and always gets everything mailed out ot me in a timely manner.

      Below is an image of one of the beautiful Renaissance style gowns that Robyn made for me.

    9. I've had good deals with Robyn. She's great to deal with!
    10. I can vouch for Robyn too. She is wonderful in every way! :D
    11. Hi!
      Yep I've done trading with her too!
      No problems at all!

    12. Would not hesitate a miniute to recommend Robyn to anyone and everyone. She is a complete joy - trustworthy & honest and by the way does the most remarkable sanding job on SD bodies. Thanks to Robyn my little ShinCho is now on a fabulous SD Lucas body.

      I have had the pleasure to know Robyn a few years and we've done quite a number of buy/sell between us and she is a ***** Posh customer.

      Always glad to give my "thumbs up" to a good E-friend and fellow BJD lover.

      Posh Doll U.S. Agent
    13. :D I've dealt with Robyn and she is *Wonderful* and *Sweet*. I've enjoyed talking about our dollies as well! how's Jack?, that Hunk! *sigh* :chibi
    14. I would highly recommend Robyn. :D I have purchased so many items from her, and have always been totally pleased with my purchase. I receive my items quickly, and packaged wonderfully. I can't say enough about her dresses...they are beautiful! :wink: Great communication, always a fast response to my e-mails. I have come to think of her as a friend as well. She is friendly, sweet....and the kind of person I would vouch for any day. At present I am having Robyn make more beautiful Ren dresses for me! Thanks Robyn... you are a sweetie! :grin:

      :daisy :daisy :daisy :daisy
    15. Robyn is a great person to deal with -- sold her my El Elf vampire boy earlier this year, it was a wonderful transaction because she MADE sure things went smoothly, even contacting me via phone to make sure everything went okay. I wouldn't hesitate to make a deal with her again. :grin:
    16. Highly Recommend Robyn ! :daisy :daisy :daisy :daisy
    17. I can also vouch for her! I've had several transactions with her, she's wonderful! :grin:
    18. Robyn is the best, I have bought from & traded with her for several years. Everything in mint condition. She is also very helpful with doll info. My references are mi4ctzs on ebay,
    19. Add me to the Robyn_in_wa fan club! Top notch lady!
    20. Robin is great to deal with. Professional, timely and reliable. Buy with confidence!