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Feedback Thread for Rosa

Jul 11, 2006

    1. Updated 6/21/2007 and I always feel like I'm forgetting someone...

      Anyone is welcome to add. These are pretty much added in date order...

      Great Doll Transactions
      Nancytea2 - CP El (Simon)
      evolving_me - Bee-A
      Janis62 (Sunrise Dolls and Collectibles) - Elfdoll Adel, Souldoll Harang and Nari-pon Pansy
      Funtare - Latidoll White Pury
      StephG - CP Lishe
      Salvation_jane - Lati Yellow Coco
      Michelle P. on ZoZ - Yo-SD Anne

      Great selling transactions with: (and more than once with quite a few, some noted)
      Bittersweetlove - critique and tryer-on of briefs
      Ocean-girl - lots of dollies
      nat - dollies
      Ashbet - got tiny bear
      Violaine - undies
      Pei - undies
      Blackrose - special bear
      Katsai25 - black cat
      Yaten - undies
      Amenteshi - undies at the DollMeet
      Sabrina - black kitty
      Sher - tiny bear and doll
      Salvation_jane - tiny toys
      Sabrina - tiny toys
      Brennil - tiny toys
      Clochette - elfdoll boots
      StephG - undies
      Kurosakura - special socks and stretchy boxers
      Ladrrixx - non-stretchy briefs
      Caleyndar - stretchy boxer briefs
      dirtywings - non-stretchy, boxer briefs - fits MSD and not SD10 girl
      plum - non-stretchy, updated version boxer briefs
      wc_dragon - sd stuff
      beckers - sd stuff
      ejmatl - tiny stuff
      algesiras - tiny stuff
      eienmornie - briefs
      pelicandeb - various sd and tiny stuff
      Descending Twilight - boxers
      The Elf Piper - tiny stuff
      Bliss_dream - tiny stuff, all the way to Spain
      Sabrina - tiny stuff
      Ivy4Mdvanii - sd stuff
      Mimi - tiny stuff
      Heart - tiny stuff
      shaDrouet - tiny styuff (kelly clothes)
      Carolyn.S - tiny stuff
      laurmann2000 - tiny stuff and big stuff (01/07)
      toydogz4 - tiny stuff
      Anita (though I'm not sure of her DoA handle) - tiny stuff
      celyne22 - tiny stuff
      LadyDragonflyAJH - tiny stuff (more than once)
      Elfyn - tiny stuff
      Darkitty - tiny stuff
      Linda K. - (addictedtoplastic - though I'm not sure what her DoA name is) - tiny stuff (1/07)
      LittleP - tiny stuff (1/07)
      Gail's Special Deliverys - tiny stuff (01/07)
      Tinoose (Tina Drew) (bunches of times)
      Addictedtoplastic/Linda K
      Marna Levin - (more than once)
      Diane Pierce - tiny stuff
      Divi - tiny stuff
      Dena - tiny stuff
      Annette F/Minniebunny - tiny stuff
      Glenna Hartwell - tiny stuff
      Bec Mullen - tiny stuff
      shaDrouet - tiny stuff
      Dianne Pierce - tiny stuff
      Siamexoxo on Flickr/Susan Voels - tiny stuff
      Jean Gall - tiny stuff
      April Rankin - tiny stuff
      Cindy H/Alita - tiny stuff
      Deb W in Altanta - tiny stuff
      Jonell Belke - tiny stuff
      Pei Shan Chua - tiny stuff
      CindyG - tiny stuff
      Martha Tenney - tiny stuff
      Brenda Costenbader - tiny stuff
      Dorinda Balanecki - tiny stuff
      Susan Buchanan - tiny stuff
      Melissa_an_Brown on Flickr - tiny stuff
      Shan - tiny stuff
      Sylvan - tiny stuff (6/2007)

      Great Buying Transactions
      Starfall - bought great wig from her!
      MysteryAya - bought gameboy - I did this through her website and by coincidence, found her on DoA and deserves her props!
      Snow Song - eyes
      chibistarpower - eyes
      salvation_jane - rement goodies and a great shirt
      Pirate Wench - Shoes! yippee!
      shaDrouet - boots and socks :)
      ishalei - a great boys wig!
      Dutchgirl - boots galore!!!
      Mel- boots - too happy!
      digital_grrl79 - tiny purple eyeballs...now to figure out who to put them in.
      perfectly_pink - tiny stuff (01/07)

      Great Trades
      Rynn007 - got boy briefs and traded for a backpack. Also traded undies for tiny clothes.
      TheSaint - undies trade - great ring!
      Niku-Sama - undies trade for an amazing wig that fits perfect!
      Valli - great little pink outfit for Pury
      Monkeyjunkie on Flickr/Pamela H - tiny stuff


      Though she may not really count since she's my twin sister, Margarita_rosa who I seem to send things every few weeks. We trade back and forth.

      jgodel77 - never paid me for 5 briefs and then went and sold at least 2 in the marketplace. Sent many PM's. Never resolved, gave up...
    2. Rosa sewed a tiny little stuffed kitty for me and it's amazing. Rosa is a great seamstress and a wonderful seller.

    3. Rosa makes incredble tiny dolly clothing, and is wonderful to deal with! :>)
    4. Rosa bought some boots from me ^_^ She was great to deal with!

      I'm glad you like them!
    5. Rosa is awesome to work with...and her tiny dollies rule!
    6. Rosa made me some boots for my AR Lilica. She was amazingly sweet and had great communication with me. The boots are darling and very well made. I'll be back for sure!
    7. Rosa has made shoes and boots for my tiny ones and all of the transactions have been great. She is lightning fast with her delivery and everything has fit perfectly and has been beautifully made. Will be a return customer!
    8. I got a lovely crocheted dress for my LD White Pury. Also got some of her shoes and boots for Pury and Catsy. Got one of her wigs for Pury and just recently got 2 more wigs for my Piposdoll Namoo. I also got the sweetest tiny stuffed kitty for Pury. I love everything!

      Rosa's work is amazing! So tiny and perfect. Rosa really communicates with you and takes the time to make sure she has everything you want just right. I am already a repeat cusomer and plan to go back for more soon.

      Thank you Rosa!:aheartbea
    9. I've had two great transactions with Rosa. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to purchase her tiny boots or boy socks. Thank you Rosa.
    10. Rosa purchased some things from me and was perfect..paid fast and was super easy to deal with. Thanks!!
    11. Bought latiyellow apple dress set

      Fast shipping, nice communication, welly made dress, its just an ideal transaction!

      Thankyou Rosa =)
    12. Rosa is awesome to deal with. I have lots of her stuff because it is affordable and extremely well made. Rosa - now I have a tiny - she'll be here by Saturday! LOL.
    13. outfit arrived.. Its adorable. Your very talented thanks so much
    14. Thanks, Rosa, for making such super boots and shoes for my Lucy. They fit great and a great price. Really fast shipping on lovely handmade shoes.
    15. Another flawless transaction with Rosa. She made some boots and mary janes for my elfdoll tiny and catsy and some mary janes for my MiniGem.

      She's a wonderful seller!

    16. Rosa made my Nari Pon a tiny dress, headband, and matching boots!! I love her exquisite work. :D
    17. i've had many transactions with Rosa as a buyer and as a seller. a flawless transaction every time! A++++++
    18. I was telling myself to give a feedback since March, but I kept forgetting. Sorry.

      Rosa made the tiniest & sweetest maryjanes and boots for my OD Ji! She also made the cutest curly wigs for tinies, which was really silky!

      The transaction was really flawless & I received the shipment really quick!!!
      And I appreciate the wig instruction email as well.

      Thank you very much!!!
    19. I picked up a couple of Rosa's little Lati Yellow dresses. They arrived superfast and are so cute and detailed!!!:D
    20. Rosa's tiny goodies are AWESOME! Thanks to her, my Bongie, Mimi, and Jina have perfect little shoes in many colors! She does such an incredible job on her shoes! I need to get some more!