Feedback Thread for SailorBunny23 ~

Mar 30, 2016

    1. bought a doll for the first time here @ DoA and looking forward for more <3
      feedbacks welcome~

      -Bunny (:
    2. I sold a doll to Bunny who is a wonderful buyer!
      She is generous and very, very sweet.
      I highly recommend her :)
    3. I just sold my Dollclans Kien head and Volks headphones to sailorbunny23 and it was such a great experience to deal with her. She is super sweet and was promptly replying to all my PM's, also kept up the communication through the whole transaction.She sent the payment right away and texted me immediately when the package arrived. I can highly recommend her and will definitly do business with her again. <3
    4. sailorbunny23 bought a Volks SDGrG body from me. She was absolutely wonderful to deal with~ Super friendly and sweet!:) All her payments are on time, and communication is always fast.

      Dear Bunny, I am also really glad that I was able to hand over the body to you personally~ I hope next time we can talk longer~!:3nodding: Thank you so much and until next time!<3
    5. SailorBunny23 bought a Yo-SD and some clothes and etc. from me. She's friendly and great to deal with. Thank you for giving the little girl new sweet home!
    6. She contacted me about buying a Volks SDgr Okita Souji and even though there was a delay in initially paying for him, she got back to me and then paid immediately.

      She let me know once the doll arrived and was a pleasure to communicate with in the meantime!

      I can recommend doing business with her, she's a trustworthy buyer who keeps her word after agreeing on a purchase :)
      Would love to do business again <3
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    7. One of the best buyer I have ever met. Bunny bought a sdgr body from me, well communicated, fast payment and very understanding. What else can you ask for? Thanks for trading with me
    8. SailorBunny23 recently bought an SD17 body from me. They were prompt with payment, patient and great with communication. I'd absolutely sell to them again.
    9. SailorBunny23 bought the doll from me.
      She's responsible buyer. Thank you for the smooth transaction!