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Feedback Thread for Saint Savin

Feb 8, 2007

    1. Dealt with me? Post about it here.

      Much thanks in advance ^_^V.
    2. Why is there nothing here?! I've sold to Saintsavin several times, all wonderful transactions! Saint is a perfect buyer ;)
    3. participated in my dollmore group order. quick payments and friendly to deal with! ^_^
    4. I bought a "Ginny Vandals- Criminally Cute Clothes" wa-loli kimono from Saint Savin. Excellent communication, great service, fast shipping, and very cute items! Highly recommended!
    5. I bought one of the pre-made Wa-loli Kimonos and ordered a custom obi to go with it.

      Saint Savin was lovely to deal with, work was done quick and shipping was fast. She even refunded me some of the shipping costs when she realised she had quoted me too much! Awesome seller!!!

      Thank you so much!
    6. I bought a premade wa-loli kimono and a custom obi. Saintsavin was awsome to deal with. Her shipping was fast too and she sent some awsome extras. I'de love to buy from her again.
      Much Love,
    7. I purchased a Ginny Vandal's wa-loli kimono via commission and I'm thrilled with the whole transaction. From tplacing the order to clarifying what it was I wanted and sending proofing pictures, to the shipping that was lightening fast, everything ran like clockwork.

      I highly recommend all transactions with saintsavin.
    8. I bought a Ginny Vandal's wa-loli kimono, and commissioned her for a headband and an obi to match. Everything went really well, she communicates really well, and is a very pleasant person to deal with. My items arrived today, and they were well made, and incredibly cute!

      I highly recommend her and I am pretty sure I will deal with her again in the future!
    9. I sold a necklace to saintsavin, and she was a pleasure to do business with. The transaction went very smoothly and she was super-friendly. I'd gladly do business again. ^_^
    10. Saint Savin bought 2 clothing items from me and was lovely to work with. Transaction was smooth. Thank you so much for the picture! <3
    11. Saint Savin is a great buyer :) Very friendly and quick to pay, highly recommended! Thanks!
    12. A smooth transaction with Saintsavin, fast payment and great communication. Thank you so much!! ^_^
    13. Bought some of my sale items, payment was prompt and communication excellent
    14. Saintsavin is a great seller! The items arrived in perfect condition and kept excellent contact throughout the transaction.

      She even mailed a beautiful extra!~
    15. Saint bought multiple fur wigs from me and was absolutely lovely to deal with. Very friendly (and fast!) communications, quick payment, and such a sweetheart, too. Thank you so much!
    16. Not only is Savvy an excellent buyer, she's also a pretty awesome person. :D
    17. Saintsavin commissioned a few wigs from me, and was a great buyer all around.

      Fast payment, great communication-thank you!
    18. I've bought and sold things to Saint Savin many times. She is very trustworthy and personable. She is great with communication and extremely timely with responses and payment. She is indeed a pleasure to deal with. :)
    19. Participated in my Soom IO split for his necklace and was a delight to have on board. Paid on time, pleasant to talk to and pretty much how all buyers should be. I couldn't ask for more, thanks so much again hun! :chocoberry
    20. Saintsavin join in my GO. Quick payment and great transaction!
      Thank you so much!