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Feedback Thread For Sanjikunsgirl

Jul 23, 2009

    1. Tell me what you thought about our transaction!
    2. Sanjikunsgirl purchased an abio angel body from me-she's a great buyer! She always let me know what was going on and paid when she said she would.

      She also let me know when the body arrived and was very pleasant the entire time. Thank you!
    3. Sanjikunsgirl took place in my Penpal Swap. There were no complications and they were very pleasant to work with.
    4. I could not have sold to a better person! Sanjikunsgirl was the best transaction I have ever had! I just had something very tragic happen in my life and I asked her if she would be willing to allow the doll to be put on hold for a few days while I had my surgery, so we would make sure that I was ok and able to fallow up on my part of the transaction. she not only agreed but was really understanding about it. She was also very prompt and professional with the payment! I would defiantly sell to her again!
    5. Participated in my FMD GO, great to work with, would do business again!