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Feedback thread for Saryn

Jun 19, 2009

    1. Hi~hi! ^_^

      Please leave feedback for me here!

      Thank you very much for doing business with me.

    2. Saryn bought a MSD dress from me. She was very nice, & paid super quick! Communication was wonderful as well! I hope your 1st purchase in the Marketplace was a great experiance! Enjoy thye dress! Thanks!:)
    3. Saryn purchased an AoD msd head from me. Saryn paid quickly and was wonderful to deal with. Thank you for a flawless transaction! :)
    4. Saryn was in a GO i ran and was a pleasure to work with, and kept up well with communications! Would love to work with again!
    5. She bought a msd outfit from me. She paid very fast
      and everything was just perfect! I would be more then happy
      to do business with her again! :)
    6. Saryn bought a pair of eyes from me. The transaction was totally perfect - prompt payment, great communication, and a pleasure to deal with. Thanks much! <3
    7. I sold an acquire wine red wig to Saryn :) She paid quickly and left a prompt feedback when she received the wig. I'm very satisfied with this transaction and would look forward to doing business with her again :)
    8. Saryn bought a MNF Elf shushu from me and paid promptly I would definately sell or buy from her again A+ = )
    9. Saryn purchased a MSD Royal Purple Fer from me. Great communication, she paid quickly, and let me know when her item arrived. All around perfect transaction.
      Highly recommended. Thanks :)
    10. Saryn purchased a Dollmore MSD Turtleneck from me. Her communication is great, Payment quick and she's friendly to boot. I highly recommend her. :)
    11. Saryn bought a wig from me. :3 Payment was prompt and commuication was wonderfully smooth! ^^ She even let me know when the wig had arrived!! 8D Would definitely sell to her again! Thanks!! :3
    12. Sold a Puki to Saryn, awesome buyer, perfect to deal with! :D
    13. saryn bought a pair of eyes from me. she was extremely nice, paid quickly, and overall was wonderful to deal with :D thank you so much for the smooth transaction!
    14. Saryn participated in a Dollmore GO I hosted.
      They were absolutely wonderful to deal with!
      Would love to to business again :)
      Thanks so much!
    15. I bought an MSD top from Saryn. Communication was fast and friendly, and she sent the package immediately after receiving payment.

      Thanks! :)
    16. i bought a dollheart skirt+underskirt from saryn! she was extremely nice to deal with and both pieces arrived quickly and perfectly as described. flawless transaction, thank you so much! :aheartbea
    17. Saryn bought some clothes from me. She paid quickly and let me know when they arrived. Thank you again!
    18. Saryn bought a little puki dress from me and was a wonderful customer! She paid quickly was friendly! I highly recommend!
    19. Saryn bought a box of pastels from me (and a couple of stuff before as well, but I forgot what they were xD). She paid quickly and was a pleasure to deal with!
    20. Saryn was a wonderful buyer! She purchased an outfit from me, paid quickly and let me know when they arrived! A wonderful transaction, thank you!! :D