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Feedback thread for Shadowlink

Aug 2, 2006

    1. I meant to make this earlier but I am slow. ^^;;

      Shadowlink paid quickly for the doll she bought from me and responded to PMs. Thanks! :daisy
    2. ShadowLink bought a dress from me. She Paypaled me with no delay, and she was very pleasant to have a transact with :)
    3. Bought the kyootest boots from shadowlink, she's very fast in shipping an great to deal with!
    4. :D ShadowLink was an absolute pleasure to buy from! She was very patient with me, and held the doll for me until my dad got his paypal account up and running. :) The doll was packaged very securely and she came with much more then what was listed to come with her on her for-sale thread! :D
      ShadowLink is a very nice person and always responded to my questions and PMs, I would soooo buy from her again!!!!!!!!
    5. She bought a doll from me, and was a great buyer.
      Responded to all PMs, polite, paid quickly, very nice to deal with. ^^
    6. ShadowLink is a wonderful person! She's nice and polite, plus she got my eyes to me super fast!
    7. I bought a wig from her and she got it to me very fast, responded to all PMs quickly and nicely and the item was in great condition! Thanks so much :D Great seller!

    8. Woot! so nice and still very professional! I would definately buy from you again! Fast service too!
    9. I got three pairs of eyes from Shadowlink. They all came in little seperate packages that it's so cute! I used them to keep the old eyes back ;D

      it was good dealing with her. would do it again if she has anything else in stock that I love XD
    10. Bought a great pair of shoes from ShadowLink...and they are just what I have been searching for! Shoes were shipped fast; smooth transaction!
    11. Shadowlink is great to work with - I bought some boots and am SO happy with them! I'll be watching for more of your stuff for sale!!!!
    12. I ran a Dollmore group order and Shadowlink was an excellent participant. Fast payment and good communication.
    13. I had a great transaction with Shadowlink - very quick, very friendly. :3 Thank you!
    14. Many thanks to Shadowlink for selling me the *perfect* pair of MSD shoes. (Not sneakers, by golly, SHOES! I'm so psyched!)

      She was wonderful to work with.
    15. Not the first time I've sold some things to Shadowlink, but as always, it was a smooth and very pleasant transaction! ^_^
    16. ^w^ Shadowlink bough some cute little gumdrops from me. Perfect transaction and was patient with me as a new seller. Thanks Shadowlink.:abow:
    17. Did a face-up commission for shadowlink n_n she is very friendly and wonderful to work with n_n :aheartbea
    18. Shadowlink commissioned a dragon plushie from me, and was as sweet and enthusiastic as can be. Thank you so much! :)
    19. Shadowlink purchased some Snapple bottle drinks from me! She was great to work with and I would do it again! She paid promptly and let me know everything arrived ok right away!