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Feedback Thread for Shana-chan and FaerieGothica.com/Faerie Gothica Designs

Sep 7, 2006

    1. Silencieux was kind enough to start a feedback thread for me (located here), but I thought I'd have my own feedback thread as well, so it would be easier to find.

      (Psst~, Mods, if you'd be willing to join that thread with this one here, I'd really appreciate it. ^^)

      Anyhow, feel free to post your buying/selling experience with me, my website, or my eBay account (watershellrainwater) here. ^_^
    2. I bought two pairs of eyes and they were shipped fast, great transaction!!
    3. I bought a lovely dress set from Shana-chan and was so impressed with her work. The outfit is a lovely sort of prairie style and reminds me of Anne of Green Gables, especially with the straw hat. The pink stockings are
      a sweet addition to the set. Everything fits perfectly and is beautifully sewn. All seams are finished and even enclosed when possible. I love the small hooks at the top of the pink layer. I can't figure out how you got them all lined up perfectly and stitched inside the bodice so only the ends show. All the seams and pintucks are impeccibly straight! Green with envy over your skill. Maybe I can blame my sewing machine??
      Doesn't she remind you of "Anne with an E"? No freckles though...

      Here she is at a meetup with my Genny and 2 cute boys...


      I also love the pink shoes I bought at the same time. They really complete Claire's look.

      Shana-chan is a dream to deal with; so friendly and prompt in replying. She even helped me figure out what to do when I was having a problem with a different seller on the marketplace. Not related, just happening at the same time as my transaction with Shana-chan. Thanks for the voice of reason and your support!
    4. I've bought clothes offline from Shana-chan... she's very sweet and modest about her work, which is amazing. Buying clothes from her will not leave you feeling anything but excited to come back for more.
    5. I just bought a silver MSD wig. Shana-chan was very courteous and quick on the replies. It wasn't long at all after the purchase before I received the package. The wig was nicely packaged and arrived in great shape. All in all, a great experience! :D
    6. I have bought eyes from Shana-chan . Good receipt in France . Thank you very much
    7. I comissioned a hoodie from Shana-chan, and it's PERFECT! What a professional seamstress, the details are incredible! *__* In my opinion, she sent it pretty quickly considering it was made to order, but since it was a week later than she estimated, she apologized for the delay with a gift. She also kept excellent contact about the progress of the piece. I cannot reccomend Shana's work enough!! She such an honest seller, and a total sweetheart! Will definitely buy from again! :fangirl:
    8. I bought a lovely kitty dress from Shan-chan on Ebay, my girl is crazy for it. We took so many pics with it... very detailed and well made! Thank you from Italy...
      [​IMG] this is the dress...
    9. I bought a pair of dollheart boots from Shana-chan. The transaction was really smooth and I ADORE the boots!
    10. Carol Swaricco body:
      Trouble-free, prompt, easy transaction with great two-way communication. Body packed securely and snugly too! Thanks so much for this transaction.:daisy:daisy:daisy
    11. Shana-chan is great to work with ^__^ her clothes are very well made and we love them~!
    12. I purchased a wig from Shana, she was wonderful to work with even when I forgot to message her back!
    13. I commissioned Shana-Chan for a little pink cami, stockings and panties set for my MNF Shiwoo--he loves it! And so do I! :) It's just adorable! Thank you!!
    14. I comissioned Shana-Chan a pair of horns for an SD size doll. They arrived well packaged and beatifully made, and shana was friendly and helpful every step of the way. Took a little longer then expected, but they were a big job! Thanks Shana!
    15. I bought a pair of MSD shoes from Shana-chan. Communication was excellent and they arrived in perfect condition.
    16. I bought a Carol outfit from Shana-chan. It is in beautiful condition and arrived quickly. Communications were great!
    17. I sold a body to Shana-chan. She was very quick with payment, and an excellent communicator! I would love to do business with here again! She is such a sweet heart!:aheartbea
    18. I bought a MSD bed from Shana-chan. Very honest seller, and she took pains to see that the bed was packed well. I don't think the bed would have been harmed had it been dropped out of a plane. She was also very honest, polite, and nice. Totally recommended!
    19. Shana-Chan bought a pair of SD girl hands from me. She was very polite, prompt and a pleasure to do business with :)
    20. Bought some Volks hands from Shana-chan. They arrived SUPER fast an packaged great! My little Michael is soooo happy to have them ^_^ :aheartbea