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Feedback Thread for Sheri

Jan 14, 2007

    1. Hi,
      I would like to open a feedback thread here. I have mostly been buying things *blush*.

      Please feel welcome to leave any feedback here for me.

      Many Thanks,

    2. I can vouch for Sheri being an honest and trustworthy person! ^_^ We've done a few transactions and she communicates well and is totally reliable!

    3. Sheri is great to deal with!

      She has bought several items including an SD13 doll from me in the past and I just completed a transaction with her for 2 wigs.

      Sheri is an extremely trustworthy and dependable person. You can buy, sell or trade with confidence.
    4. Great to deal with! Super fast payment. Great follow up.

    5. I sold to Sheri.
      She is very kind and we had great communication all along the transaction, thank you Sheri :) I will be happy to buy from you or to sell again to you.
    6. Sheri is one of the nicest persons I've met here DoA! :aheartbea

      When I sold Yo-SD hands, she gave me an offer and our dealing started then. She was searching one Chibi Dress which I could get luckily, so we did "trade", too...she got a Kitty Dress for MSD boy which I couldn't get for me from Volks USA and it arrived with wonderful gifts by her!!!!!

      Her gifts made me SOOOOO happy and they are ones of my treasures :aheartbea
      Many thanks again!!

      Sheri is a hearty, sweet person and of course all of her PMs and payment were very nice and smooth :)

      I highly recommend Sheri :thumbup

    7. I sold Liz outfit.^^
      Sheri is very kind and we have a good deal!!!
      Thank you for photos :)
    8. I know Sheri well and she is just tops to deal with, she has bought from me many times
    9. Many thanks Grace! I'd love to leave feedback for you too - do you have a feedback thread??
    10. Thanks for the great transaction! It was a real pleasure. :)
    11. Positive feedback for Sheri again :aheartbea

      Sheri is a great buyer :)

      All of PMs and payment were fast. Transaction ended perfectly!!
      Thank you very much :aheartbea

      I highly recommend Sheri :thumbup
      She's a great pleasure to deal with!
    12. Positive feedback for Sheri & Emily - :)

      They are both great buyers

      All of PMs and payment were fast. Transaction ended perfectly!!
      Thank you very much Sheri and I hope you and Emily enjoy Isao for a long time!

      I highly recommend Sheri
      She's a great pleasure to deal with! :) I hope to deal with her again!

      (Aaron Las Vegas)
    13. Another positive feedback for Sheri :D
      My husband could get Papi & Puff for my dear friend.
      She and Lirin entried the lottery for Luna instead of me!! How sweet friends :blush

      Sheri is always indeed nice, payments are super fast and communication is special :aheartbea
      Sheri is one of the nicest members I met here DoA :)

    14. Sheri is a wonderful sweet buyer who is prompt with her payments and sends the nicest PMs! It was an absolute pleasure doing a transaction with her and I look forward to future sales or purchases with her again! Thank you so much Sheri! :aheartbea :aheartbea
    15. Sheri bought 3 pairs glass eyes from me.
      She is a great buyer, nice PM and fast payment.
      It's my pleasure to deal with her~~
      Thanks~~m(_ _)m
    16. Sheri purchased an outfit from me. She paid promptly, communicated through the entire transaction and let me know once the outfit arrived. Excellent transaction. I would highly recommend her. Thanks :)
    17. This is one of the nicest and most thoughtful people I have ever had the pleasure to do business with. Love you Sheri! :D
    18. Sheri bought an LE MSD outfit from me in the market place ^^. She was very friendly at all times and kept excellent communication. I think she's an EXCELLENT buyer and I'm absolutely delighted at how happy she is with the outfit! No problems at all and I'd definitely work with her again :).
    19. Sold an outfit to Sheri, the transaction couldn't have gone any smoother! Thanks a bunch!