Feedback Thread for sherryhable

Sep 2, 2016

    1. Please leave feedback here for me if you have bought items from me or sold items to me.

      Thanks Sherry :)
    2. Sherryhable sold me a pair of black Dollshe eyes! The transaction was super smooth, with great communication and speedy mailing. The package arrived perfect and the eyes are stunning. Thanks Sherry! 10/10 would transact with again. :)
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    3. I sold her a Leeke msd wig. communtication was great, payment was fast and she let me know when it arrived :) Sherry is a pleasure to deal with, I recommend her as a buyer. Thanks again :)
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    4. Sherryhable bought a doll from me, communication was excellent, payment was even quicker than anticipated and communication was a pleasure she let me know when the doll arrived to her. Would absolutely do business with her again without hesitation and recommend her as a buyer!
    5. Sherry bought a never-used Iplehouse outfit from me. Communication was prompt
      and friendly; payment was super speedy; AND she let me know when the package
      safely arrived and even sent me a photo of her lovely gal wearing the outfit!
      Thank you @sherryhable for a wonderful transaction!!!
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    6. @sherryhable bought a Twigling Gamine head from me. She was polite in all communication and updated me as soon as the head arrived.

      Thank you for buying from me :chibi