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Feedback thread for Shirotsuki

Nov 17, 2007

    1. Hihi!

      This is my feedback place, so for those who've bought from/sold to/traded with me, feel free to comment!
    2. I bought a lovely, stunning chiwoo from Shirotsuki! :D She was so friendly and pleasant to work with. ^^

      She was nice enough to hold him for two weeks for me. <3

      She was quick to respond and keep in touch.

      She shipped him on the date she promised and had him packaged SO safely! I would most certainly do transactions with her again!
    3. Got a 'little' chibi drawing from Shirotsuki -- and her stunning clothing designs won her first place in Featherfall's international competition, so we're rather ecstatic she entered! Thank you for your beautiful art.
    4. I had a wonderful piece of artwork done by shirotsuki! She was lovely to work with - friendly and helpful. I look forward to working with her again for more pieces!
    5. I just bought a featherfall Finn from her and everything was in TOP!

      Even though she (and her sis) were really busy, they mailed the boy THE NEXT day!!!

      Great communication, and super fast shipping!

      Simply the best seller I've experienced!!!


    6. I sold a doll head to shirotsuki, and it was a perfect transaction! :) She was prompt, communicative and really friendly. ^^ Thanks very much! :D
    7. I sold my Wintery head to Shirotsuki. She paid promptly and was very easy to communicate with. She was very pleasant and freindly throughout our transaction. ^^ She also notified me when the head had arrived! I'd definitely sell to her again. :3
    8. Shirotsuki bought an FDoll body from me and was SUPER! Payment was fast and communication was excellent! I hope to have future business with her! :aheartbea
    9. I bought a Luts Bory Boy from shirotsuki. She has to be the sweetest person alive. The process was beautiful, swift, and very pleasant. She kept me updated all the time and was very easy to talk to and ask questions about.

      Shes a fabulous person and I hope to do more business with her later and keep in contact :D
    10. I sold a LUTS KDF Bory to Shirotsuki, she was a WONDERFUL buyer, patient with my mistakes and perfectly understanding! I would certainly recommend her. :3 And I would most defenantly trust her with future transactions!
    11. Purchased a Dolkot body from shiro. It arrived very well packaged and in wonderful condition! I would happily purchase from her again.
    12. Shirotsuki purchased a wig from me. Communication was great and she was always very polite and nice to talk to. Wonderful transaction overall!
    13. Very good buyer! Would do business again. Bought a dollmore female ws body from me and was quick to pay and told me when she received the body. Super nice and good communication. Thank you!
    14. Shirotsuki adopted a Volks Kazuya Kujo from me. She had requested for a short layaway and finished her payments without any issues.
      Kujo is very loved in his new home, so what more can I ask for?
      Thank you so much!
    15. I have not buy a doll from shirotsuki but i would like to give her a good feedback.
      She accepted the split, has send me more pictures of the body and was always kind. She trusted me and i would always trust her. :)
      She is very obliging. I would always recomment her
    16. I bought a SD10 boy body from Shirotsuki. She was super friendly and very pleasant to deal with!
      The body came unstrung like I asked and packaged so nicely~ Everything was great.

      Thanks so much!
    17. Bought a Kazuya Kujo Head from Shirotsuki. It was and incredible and smooth transaction :) It's an amazing seller and I'm more than happy with my Kazuya *___*
    18. Shirotsuki bought my Soom Wolf the Knight, & was very pleasant to deal with. =) She took a layaway plan, made all the payments when she said she would, & communciation was perfect all the way through.

      Thanks so much again! =3
    19. I bought a new style soom supergem boy body in white skin from shirotsuki.
      The transaction was perfect ...shirotsuki was an angel to sell me the body.
      I would certainly do business with shirotsuki again
    20. I bought a Soom Wolf/DC hybrid from Shirotsuki. The transaction was great! I had the bad luck to contact her about it while she was on a business trip, but she kept up really great communication and mailed him out the same day she got back! He was packaged super well and came with some extras and a beautiful, beautiful face up.

      100% great, I would definitely recommend Shirotsuki to any buyers! She's a great person and a joy to deal with. :)