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Feedback thread for SoCalRoberta

May 21, 2008

    1. I'm opeing this thread, as I intend to be buying and selling in the Marketplace soon.

      Thanks in advance for your feed back :)
    2. So far I've ;
      bought a male cheongsam from 0yiyayiyayo0
      participating in a DOD group order run by psimaniatica
      participating in the Minimee Yazoo order being run by dizziness
      ordered a face-up from jerrysugarav
    3. I just completed a commission for SoCalRoberta and it couldn't have gone more beautifully. Paymenat was lightning fast and communications were prompt and friendly. I'd deal with her again in a heartbeat and recommend her without hesitation.
    4. SoCalRoberta participated on a group order I host, she paid so fast, if I ever do any group order I will definitely accept her again thank you so much:) Enjoy for outfits.
    5. I've twice sewn for SoCalRoberta and both occasions were completely wonderful experiences. Always fast to pay and pleasant to communicate with. I hope to sew for her again.
    6. I have sold a head to SoCalRoberta and it was a quick and easy transaction. Every pm was polite and kind. Payment was superfast and very smooth! What a great person to deal with. Thank you so much!
    7. I just complete a faceup commission for SoCalRoberta, she is very nice to talk to, very clear about what she want about the faceup, and pay very fast. also let me know when the head was recieved, highly recommended ~_^
    8. SoCalRoberta has become a frequent and favorite customer. Most recently when she commissioned me, the transaction went as beautifully as the other occasions. Roberta is just a joy to deal with in every respect. I hope to sew for her again!
    10. SoCalRoberta her doll's faceup commissioned at my shop! Her payment was FAST! her communication was great!! Not to mention how easy it is to work with her! Please come back anytime~
    11. SoCalRoberta participated in my GO. Smooth transcation with prompt payment, thanks!
    12. SoCalRoberta commissioned another faceup for her doll~ as always! Fast payment! easy to work with. She's super understanding of my lagging time due to work. Thank you so much for yet another great experience. You're always welcome back anytime! thank you~ ^_^
    13. SoCalRoberta was part of my Noctis half-closed eyes minimee group order. Communication was great and payment was fast. Thank you so much for partaking in my group order! :D
    14. SoCalRoberta had once again gave me an awesome opportunity to be able to bring her dolls to life. All 3 of them! I love each and everyone of their sculpt! Such honors! Her payment was As quick as it can get! Super Patient with my slowness due to real life. truly a Wonderful Customer to have~ Thank you~
    15. I worked on a faceup for SoCalRobertas beautiful dragon doll. Communication was fast and friendly! She let me know when he arrived, Would work with again in a heartbeat!