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Feedback thread for Sprocket

Jan 10, 2011

    1. Please post any feedback for me here. Thank you!
    2. Sprocket bought some EID Superhero jeans from me and was a pure delight to work with. Rapid payment and friendly communication and she let me know when she received the package. I couldn't be happier that Sprocket wanted to buy from me!

      Thank you, Sprocket...You Rock-it !!
    3. Sprocket bought a pair of EID shoes from me. It was an excellent transaction, and I'd love to do business with her again anytime! :D Thanks!!!
    4. Sprocket recently participated in my 19th Leekeworld pre-order run and our transaction was a wonderfully pleasant one! Communication was well kept up from their end of things and invoices were taken care of in a very prompt fashion. :) I was very pleased with how smooth our transaction was and can say without hesitation that I would be open to dealing with them again in the future~

      ♥[ Thank you for your participation in one of my group orders!! ]♥
    5. Sprocket bought a Luna head off me, and it was a perfectly smooth transaction. :) Super friendly communication and prompt payment! Sprocket also let me know when the head arrived, which I appreciated. Thank you!
    6. Sprocket bought an Akando head with me and she was *fantastic* to deal with. I found a scratch on the faceup before I sent him to her, so I had to wait for a non-rainy day to fix his faceup and she was totally patient, even though I am sure that she really wanted to see her new boy :) I would do business with her anytime :)
    7. A+++ for Sprocket *** GREAT ASSET TO DOA! ***

      I sold a doll to Sprocket she paid right away, let me know when the doll arrived and was a super pleasant person to deal with. Highly recommended.

      Thanks Sprocket!

    8. I sold Sprocket a Mirodoll body. They were a pleasure and I'd love to do business with them again.