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Feedback Thread for taixonay

Jun 24, 2008

    1. So, since I figured I might be doing a bit of buying from others, I decided to start a feedback thread. So, if I've ever bought anything from you, please leave feedback.
    2. Taixonay commissioned some clothes from me. Very prompt with paying and let me know once the clothes arrived. A pleasure to work with. Will deal with again.
    3. taixonay ordered a commissioned for furwig from my shop. She's very easy to work with, understandable, quick payment, valuable customer. Come back anytime. ^_^
    4. Taixonay commissioned me for a restringing and face-up on her boy.
      All went well; she kept amazing communication with me the entire time.
      I hope you enjoy your boy and the plushies! :D
    5. Hello! I ordered the DZ Meigi set from taixonay. It was her first time selling and she let me know. But, everything went well. The clothes arrived in great condition and my boy loves it! Thank you. Great seller.
    6. I brought home taixonay's Megi boy and I love him! Everything about the process went wonderful in every way! We kept in touch throughout the entire transaction and I felt really comfortable the whole time. I'll gladly buy from her again.
    7. Taixonay commissioned some clothing from me for her upcoming boy. She was very nice to work with and I hope she enjoys her clothes!
    8. Taixonay commissioned me to make a hat for her^^ Great buyer, always responded quickly to my messages and was very nice:) Highly recommended^^
    9. taixonay commissioned a fur wig from shop~ She was great! Fast payment! very patient and understanding~ PLease do come back anytime~ ^_^ you're always welcome~
    10. Because I'm good at running Migidoll group orders but not so good at posting timely feedback for my GO members... I'm catching up and thanking everyone that participated in my group order for being so fantastic including taixonay!

      Fast communication and super-fast payment. Thanks so much for making this 3rd Migidoll GO a super success :aheartbea
    11. Jas commissioned a face-up from me and everything went as smoothly and pleasant as any great transaction would. Fast payment, and communication was solid throughout the entire process! I'd happily do business with her anytime! ^^
    12. Just completed a wonderful transaction with Jas; I sold her an FDoll body, and she was incredibly polite and very good with communication. A layaway was arranged but she was able to pay it off within a day or two thanks to lucky circumstances. Overall, very impressed with the transaction, I strongly recommend her to anyone else seeking to do business with her, and I would love to deal with her again!
    13. I bought a BBB Elfkin off her just a few days ago. Everything went super-smooth, and he arrived safely here today, with a few extra goodies! I'd totally deal with her again!
    14. I bought a Fantasy Doll body from taixonay. She was wonderful to work buy from, she was patient and well communicated and my new body arrived quickly and securely packed. She even sent a pair of boxers for him, which was a pleasant suprise. :)

      A+++ I would happily do business with her again.:thumbup
    15. POSITIVE

      I bought a Migidoll Ryu head from Taixonay & it was a pleasant transaction start to finish. The head arrived very quickly & was everything I expected...plus came along with a bonus wig I wasn't expecting. The packaging was awsome as well :0)
    16. Taixonay was a pleasure to deal with. The wig I bought from her came very promptly and in great condition with a cute little gift, too. Would definitely buy from again.
    17. Taixonay was a participant in my third Migidoll group order and was wonderful to deal with. Communication was well kept from her end of things and payments were sent in a timely fashion. I am quite confident that all our transactions with be as smooth and easy as this one was~

      :bcake:pcake Thank you for your participation in one of my group orders! :pcake:bcake
    18. Three cheers for taixonay!
      I bought a Migidoll head from taixonay and our transaction was a success! Very understanding in all my specific requests and the head was shipped promptly and very well-packed.
      I'm very happy and would not hesitate to do business again :chocoheart
    19. Taixonay recently bought a wig from me, the transaction went smooth, definitely will recommend her. Thanks. :)
    20. I adopted an ange hani from taixonay.
      There was great communication through out the transaction (layaway) and she shipped my new little one very quickly!

      Thank you taixonay for a wonderfully smooth transaction!