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Feedback Thread for TambraDoll

Oct 2, 2006

    1. :love This is my new feedback thread for anyone who buys from or sells to me. Thanks! :aheartbea
    2. I bought some hands from Tambra and she was communicative and prompt in her shipping. The hands were well packed and she was a pleasure to deal with. I would never hesitate to buy from her again! A lovely person!

    3. Whee! We bought some lingerie from TambraDoll and let me just say her stuff is top quality, not only that but she is just awesome to deal with! She is so friendly and quite the doll herself. ^__~
      (See her work here)
    4. *sniff* you ladies are so sweet! Thanks so much! *HUGS* :aheartbea
    5. I sold some mini outfits to Tambra and the transaction went really well. She was very friendly and sweet ^-^
    6. Another super wonderful transaction with Tambra! We traded wigs and it couldn't have gone any smoother! You are in good hands in you buy or trade with the lovely TambraDoll. ^__^
    7. Tambra and I traded Bambicrony heads and it was so much fun! I feel like I have made a new friend. This is a fun way to have a new doll without spending more than a few dollars for postage.
      Thanks for thinking of trading Tambra and I am so glad you are as happy with Pepe as I am with Kumi.
    8. Thanks, Janis! I enjoyed trading with you, too! You're such a sweetie, and you have NO idea how BADLY I wanted Elf Pepe-LOL. Just ask Ange and FunnyLori. Hehehe.
      :) :hamster:
    9. I made a little wig for her Puki Peachy and Tambra was fabulous to work with. A great customer and great girl!!
    10. i had a great transaction with TambraDoll would definitely sell to again!!!
    11. had great experience with tambra. she answered all questions in prompt time and with extra info if i forget to read. my sooah is amazing.
    12. TambraDoll bought a sleeping elf lotti head from me. She was wonderful to deal with and the communication was fast and clear. Thanks so much! I hope you love the head! <33
    13. Tambra was the first trade I ever participated in. We traded eyes and it went smooth as silk! She was sweet, understanding, and we both just ADORE our new pairs of eyes! :D I would not hesitate to work with her again, and you shouldn't either! ;)
    14. TambraDoll got a Ladysaiyuki Mature Ted head from me...and she was absolutely wonderful through it all and I wish to thank you Tambra for being so very sweet and wonderful ^_^ *massive of Hugs and much love*
      I highly recommend TambraDoll, she is a wonderful person ^_^ *more hugs*
    15. I just completed a trade with TambraDoll for a Puki Pipi. We both mailed off at the same date and I got my Puki today in wonderful condition. She even included the original storybook packaging from Fairyland and included a couple of little outfits for the tiny dollie as well. I couldn't be more pleased :D
    16. Tambra purchased a wig from me. Payment happened exactly when she said it was, and the transaction was perfect. Thanks Tambra!
    17. TambraDoll bought a pair of Wifey light blue jeans from me, and it was a dream to work with XD

      Fast payment, excellent and friendly communication, everything went just perfectly.

      Thanks so much! <3
    18. Tambradoll sold me a cute doll, Angel Fantasy Ari and she came today with a cute set of clothes and nice shoes and wig - thank you Tambra. :goldstar:goldstar:goldstar:goldstar:goldstar:goldstar

      Merry Christmas

    19. Tambradoll bought a MNF Elf Soo from me and she was wonderful to deal with! She kept good communication and paid me promptly.

      Thanks for a perfect transaction! :)
    20. TambraDoll bought a little book from me... good communication and swift payment - thanks!