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Feedback thread for Temporallelement

Feb 2, 2007

    1. Hi,

      Please leave your feedback for me (temporallelement) in this thread :)
    2. Temporallelement sold me a pair of discontinued Luts boots for my MNF doll. She was really patient about it because my Paypal payment did not go through the first time and it took me two days to notice that. I was very embarrassed, but she was super nice. ONce we got the payment straightened out and to her properly, she shipped right away, with tracking, and it was a smooth transaction. I am really happy I was able to get these boots as Luts promised me they'd be back in stock but they never were. Thanks!!
    3. I was sold a KD Ani, and things went quite well. She was kind enough to allow me to pay on layaway, and shipped him promptly after the final payment was made.

      It was a bit of a nail-biting wait, though, since the tracking never updated after he was dropped off at the post office, but that was Canada Post's fault.

      The only thing that I would have cause to complain about is that the boots mentioned as being included with him apparently didn't make it into the box, but I don't mind since they didn't really go with his character anyway.

      Edit: She did ship the boots out, and they arrived quite quickly. Would definitely do business with her again!
    4. I've just completed a transaction with Temporallelment for a Dollmore Momo head. What a time we had!! "nail-biting wait" is a good term for it, as our respective countries decided to drag things out as looonnnnnggg as possible :)

      But she was very kind and patient with me while I freaked out, and in spite of mutliple really funny issues with Paypal and refunds and re-refunds it all came out very nicely in the end. None of the problems were her fault at all, the head is absolutely adorable and in wonderful condition.

      I'm happy to say that she is a good seller and a very nice person to deal with.

      ADDENDUM! Several weeks later :) I discovered that this cute little head was not going to fit on its intended body, so Temporallelement sold me the body it (the head) had originally been on. And today he was singing "Together, again..."

      She is a lovely person to deal with and in spite of our month-long comedy of errors (mostly caused by the postal service but also my fault) I am delighted to say that we have had a successful conclusion. :) Please buy and sell from her with no worries!
    5. I bought a PF MiniMay from Temporallelement. It was a good transaction and I love my new little girl!
    6. Sucessful transaction with temporallelement. Very nice to deal with. Shirley
    7. temporallelement bought an MSD outfit from me. She was really nice and easy to deal with, paid very quickly and was an all-around great buyer. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again. :aheartbea
    8. I bought my CP El from temporallelement and it was a successful transaction^^
    9. Temporallelement just bought a pair of iamdoll overalls from me--she was very nice to deal with and to communicate with, paid right away, and took the time to let me know that the package arrived safely! A great transaction--
    10. I purchased a boy body from Temporallelement and it was great, just as described. Also, the communication about tracking and everything was prompt and friendly. Very smooth transaction.
    11. I purchased a doll and she came in wonderful condition. she was packed well and came in record time. Thanks for my wonderful new girl.
    12. I had a very pleasant transaction with temporallelement. She purchased a luts version 2 boy body from me. The Communication was great and payment was received in a organized manner. Thank you so much. ;)
    13. Sold some eyes to temporallelement, the transaction went very smoothly and all communication was very quick and friendly. I would definitely recommend dealing with this member! n_n
    14. Bought a gorgeous wig, Arrived safely. Thanks so much!
    15. Great buyer! Paid promptly and very pleasant to deal with. Hope you enjoy your El!
    16. Temporallelement purchased a Lati Green Lea from me. She paid very quickly and was wonderful to deal with and made the transaction extemely easy. Thanks again and hope you enjoy your new girl!
    17. I purchased a minty mint Angel of Dream Gu head from Temporallelement. Super quick ship, great communications, and very nice person to deal with!!!
      Two thumbs UP!
    18. Bought a dress and shoes from Temporallelement. Seller is super sweet and sends things out promptly. Would recommend
    19. Sold Temporallelement a pair of hands. It was a lovely transaction she was very nice in her communications and let me know when they arrived safely. Thanks again!
    20. I bought a Romantic Dillui from temporallelement , the transaction went very smoothe. She was also nice enough to answer all my questions on clothing for Dillui.:)