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feedback thread for the*one*just*for*me

Jul 2, 2011

    1. Hi,

      This is my feedback thread :)
    2. the*one*just*for*me was going to buy my DZ Yuu but ended backing out at nearly the last minute. I cannot recommend her as a buyer. On the plus side, she did keep up good communication.
    3. Flaky Feedback

      the*one*just*for*me came to me asking to purchase my NS-Y DollZone Yuu head via a two month layaway. They told the days they would be paying and I agreed.
      The first pay-date passed and I PMed them two days after letting them know I would need a payment to hold the head any longer.
      I have not heard anything back and it seems they had not even been on since the twentieth.
      I have posted the head up for sale, again.
      I have to admit, I did not look at thier feedback until today and this is not the first time they has flaked... oddly enough for the same head mold.
    4. the*one*just*for*me bought my minifee miyu head on a little layaway.
      the first payment was in time, for the second she noticed me she would only need 1-2 days more and than it was in time, perfect! ^_^
    5. I bought a Minifee New Family '14 head from Vikki (*one*just*for*me), she was such a pleasure. Excellent communication, fast shipping and the head arrived amazingly packed! I can't thank you enough! You're incredible! Xoxo - Tonia
    6. *one*just*for*me bought 2 MNF heads from me. Communication was quick and friendly. Paid promptly. A wonderful transaction, thanks! :)