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Feedback thread for thekittybox

Feb 12, 2007

    1. Feedback for thekittybox

      Figured it was about time to create a thread! Here's my list of good transactions that I've had with people on DoA. Feel free to leave me comments. :)

      Good Transactions

      username/their role in transaction
      (b=buyer, s=seller, g=group order, c=commission, +=multiple transactions)

      aimee - S+
      Allestra - B
      angelificatus - S+
      batchix - S,B+
      Branchuchan - B
      Cassiel - S
      celticgeekess - B+
      crybabygirl777 - S
      darthmissy - S+
      Dezarii - B
      digital_grrl79 - S
      Dragonfly5338 - B
      draloreshimare - G+
      eveshka - B,S
      fire_fry - S
      funtare - S
      glass_mountain - S
      GTK - S
      Hitasura - S,G+
      Janne - S,B+
      julia - S
      kasita_d - S
      katsai25 - B
      kitazawa - B
      Kiyah - B
      kkscatnip - B
      krambear - S,G+
      krbussman - S+
      kuina - B
      kyukyukyu - B
      Lishy - B
      Loki's Mom - B
      Majenta - B
      Minda - B
      Myra - B
      Obscurity - B
      oriscany - S
      Phoenix - S, B
      pithetaphish - S
      Rebecca in FL - S
      sdink - C
      shaDrouet - B
      sintex - S
      TarotBug - B
      threnodys - S+
      thesaraghina - S
      TOMATO - B
      valentine - S
      whisperwolf - S (*not sure if they are on DoA*)
      xanthe_roses - G
      zoi_no_miko - B+

      If I have forgotten to add your name and we have had a transaction, please PM me to remind me to update the list! ;)
    2. great buyer, super friendly, paid promptly, a real gem to deal with. thank you so much, I hope we can do business again sometime. :D
    3. I sold a Kstarr wig to thekittybox. Communication was good and payment was quick. Highly recommended :)
    4. Extremly happy with my purchase from TheKittyBox.. A + all the way

      I highly recommend.. : )
    5. Thekittybox is a wonderful, friendly, highly recommended buyer :D. Great communication, fast responses and quick payment.
      thank you very much.
    6. Thekittybox is a great seller. She's really friendly and helpful =D Items arrived in perfect condition and packed well.
    7. great buy from TheKittyBox, eyes are lovely and were sent promptly - many thanks :)
    8. thekittybox recently bought some option hands from me. Smooth transaction and good communication! Thank you! ^^
    9. thekittybox bought a wig from me. Smooth transaction all around. ^^ Good communication and prompt payment. Thank you!
    10. Great buyer! Patient when I forgot to answer a PM for a couple days. Very very nice person to deal with ^^
    11. participated in my dollmore group order. quick payments and smooth transaction!
    12. I bought a skirt from thekittybox and it came quickly, was exactly as pictured and all that jazz. Good transaction all around!
    13. I sold a bobobie old tan bodie to thekittybox.
      She was very nice to work with, very friendly good communication, and overal a very smooth transaction...i would gladly deal with her again...!!!
      and again thanks for adopting her and giving her a good home and awsome head...
    14. I sold some goodies to Thekittybox recently... she pays promptly and let me know of the items' safe arrival! Thank you!!
    15. I bought a silver wig from thekittybox, and they were absolutley delightful! They provided me with pictures to show some things that I had asked about the wig and I couldn't ask for a better seller~

      I would love to work with them again!!
    16. I just bought a pair of boots from Thekittybox and the transaction went flawlessly. Shipping was super-fast and the boots are imaculate, beautiful and exactly as described. I'd deal with Thekittybox any time!
    17. I bought a wig from thekittybox. Excellent transaction, very pleased with the quality and condition of the wig.

    18. I sold a few MSD items to thekittybox! A lovely buyer, quick payment, and great communication! Would love to work with her again! Thank you!
    19. bought some pants and this was a super fantastic transaction!! :)
    20. Bought an MSD shirt from me and all went very well!
      Received payment quickly, and communication was great!
      Thanks again! :)