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Feedback Thread for Toccyn

Jun 1, 2006

    1. This is my brand spankin' new feedback thread. Please post your feedback here if you have had a transaction with me.

      Thanks! :)
    2. I've bought and sold with you, excellent buyer and seller! Awesome to deal with X3
    3. Thank you, ChocoMeijin! Bumping this, because I know I've sold/bought from a TON of people here!
    4. I've been waiting for you to put one of these up!

      Toccyn is a lovely buyer, she bought a doll from me on layaway and all the payments were prompt. Communication was great, and I couldn't have been happier with the sale! highly recommended ^-^
    5. I bought Toccyn's lovely little Catsy. She arrived today. She is so tiny and sweet.

      The whole transaction was excellent. Great communication, great packaging and speedy shipping. Couldn't ask for more.

      Thank you so much!:aheartbea
    6. Always a pleasure to deal with... A+ for this lovely seller
    7. Bought a great wig from Toccyn, very fast shipment, too!
    8. I sold Toccyn a BW Dreaming Shiwoo. We worked out layaway payments that spread over a week...and she was perfect! The doll was paid off exactly when she said. I would definately do business with her again! Thank you Toccyn for a wonderful transaction. ^_^
    9. I bought an outfit from Toccyn recently, and she was a dream to work with.
      There was a bit of a mix-up and the package was sent back to her,
      but she sent it right back out & even included a gift for Apeth. ^_^
      Definitely would do business with her again. <3<3<3
    10. Great buyer, perfect communication, Toccyn is wonderful. :P
    11. I bought some boots from Toccyn and they arrived super fast and safely packaged! THANX!
    12. Great and friendly seller! The shirts were just as described and my boys and I are happy with them :)
      Will definitely do business with her again ^^
      Thanks for a nice and smooth transaction! :D
    13. Toccyn is great doing business with! She pays when she says she is (getting paid is always nice! *grin*) and no problem with communication. She deserves a gold star! *gives Toccyn a gold star-sticker*
    14. Thanks for being a great buyer! Hope to do business with you again! :)
    15. I just received the Soulkid Sweeni I bought from Toccyn! She's in great condition (as promised). Toccyn is great to deal with, good communication and super-nice! I highly recommend dealing with her! :thumbup
    16. I'd like to retract my positive comments, since Toccyn owes me some money and has apparently dropped off the face of the earth.

      Toccyn, please get in touch with me, you can e-mail or PM me through the forum.
    17. I sold Toccyn a wig a while back, and she was a pleasure to deal with! Thank you!
    18. I am currently buying a body from Toccyn, which I believe she hasn't sent. She recieved my payment a month ago, and will not contact me to tell me if she sent the package or not. She also didn't send the delivery confirmation that she promised.

      She also hasn't sent items to two other people.

      VERY BAD SELLER WHO DOES NOT COMMUNICATE WITH BUYERS. I am now being forced to contact the authorities on her.

      If for some reason my body does come this late in the game, I may revise my comment, but it's doubtful, considering her lack of communication and respect for her peers.
    19. Well, it's a year and a few months later but I have finally been refunded by Toccyn.

      Here's what happened:

      Sept 2006 I sold two Leeke wigs in milk colour. One was sold to Toccyn and the other was sold to another DOA member, we shall call that person "member A"

      I shipped both wigs and Toccyn's arrived to the best of my knowledge. Member A contacted me because the wig was lost in the mail. I filed a claim and then went to refund her. I accidentally refunded the wrong person, since I just looked at the item, not the person's name. I just saw "milk Leeke wig" and I thought that was the right one. So I refunded Toccyn. I got in contact with her and asked her to please send the payment again. I know it was totally my fault for making the mistake but I was hoping that she'd pay me back since she got her product. She said she would pay me. I never heard from her again.

      Recently, a friend of mine who is on another forum contacted me because apparently Toccyn is back in the hobby and wanted to make amends for the problem transactions she was a part of. My friend forwarded my info to Toccyn who got in contact with me IMMEDIATELY. Toccyn told me that she wasn't in a good place back then and she wants to fix the problem. She was extremely sweet and very apologetic. She sent me a money order for the outstanding balance later that day! I can't believe how quickly she worked to refund me. I must say that the new and improved Toccyn was an absolute joy to deal with. To me she has completely redeemed herself.

      I told her I would leave positive feedback to mark our transaction as resolved, but she said she wouldn't be able to buy or sell in the marketplace with a clear conscience. I'm sure it will be hard for some people to trust her, but she really has made a drastic improvement in my eyes.

      More than anything, I'm glad that there's one less unresolved transaction here on the forum. ^_^