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Feedback Thread for Toratenryuu

Jun 8, 2006

    1. Since I coudln't find one, I am setting one up. This is a feedback thread for Toratenryuu. I just completed a transaction as part of a group order that I held and Toratenryuu was a pleasure to work with. I hope to work with you again!
    2. Thank you sat for setting up this feedback forum with me! >^____^<
    3. I bought happydoll boy body from her and she's great :D The item came fast and safely, and she disassembled him for me so it costed less. She had packed it greatly and It's in perfect condition. She's great to deal with ^__^
    4. I bought a Domuya body from Toratenryuu and everything was great! Very good communication and explanation of what was going on and very friendly. :D
    5. Very good buyer, fast and very kind. Thanks again ^^
    6. ...ok so I'm a touch behind with this whole giving feedback thing. lol

      Back in October (see...beeeehind) I bought a Ducan from the aforementioned Tortenryuu. And ok so yes I picked him up in person, but she still had a facegard and a nice bubblewrap packed box for me to transport him back home in. X3

      FTW lady face, FTW.
    7. I paid toratenryu to do a face up on my precious Armand (DS Bernard) and she was very prompt, friendly, and did a fantastic job! She understood what I wanted and was very good about creating it. He's absolutely beautiful and I would certainly commission her again for my future dolls.
    8. *takes deep breath* I got home today and my doll heads where here and I was happy and did a happy dance and they're more beautiful then in the pictures and I'm very very very very happy and am going to die from cuteness now. *dies*
    9. Had a rocky transaction. Future buyers might want to make sure to verify shipping with her.

      Edit: I just took off the faceup she did and unfortunately I found that she used to faceup to kind of cover some spots of the mod she messed up on(that wasnt captured by the camera when she showed me) and she didnt follow directions completely since I asked her to give the whole head a light sand to get rid of shineyness but she didnt. Right now I am at 3 hours of further modding I had to do to my head since she didnt make the eyewells large enough, either. Which I've been fixing.

      I overall feel she really didnt put all her effort into my commission :<
    10. toratenryuu bought Kyante NS Re-Che head from me. She paid quickly and responded to PMs accordingly. Definitely a recommended buyer!
      Thank you toratenruu! :)
    11. Sold My feeple Ashley head to her. She paid the next day[took almost a week to get here but the post office was slow, not her fault]. She paid by Postal Money Order which was a plus because I had asked for it to be Postal and not any other kind of MO. She listened to me, she replied quickly, and was very easy to work with.

      Perfect Buyer! Thankyou very much for giving the Ashley head a new home! I would gladly do business with you in the future
    12. I sold a B&G body to toratenryuu and it was a very smooth transaction! She paid promptly and let me know when the body arrived. I certainly wouldn't hesitate to sell to her again. :aheartbea