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Feedback Thread for Treelore!

Jun 8, 2006

    1. I couldn't find a thread for feedback so I am starting one. I just finished a group order in which Treelore was a participant. I couldn't be happier with how smoothly things went including me and all of my hassle with the order specifics. I hope to work with you again.
    2. Excellent transactions with Treelore. I purchased a Kkotmu human girl from her a couple of months ago. She was shipped immediately upon receiving payment. Communication was great.

      Recently Treelore purchased a doll from me. Again, communication was good. She paid immediately. No issues at all.

      Both transactions were great.
    3. Treelore is great. I've bought two outfits from her, they are perfect and she was super quick. She has great taste, I'd definately buy from her again.
    4. A new feedback for her, bought a faceplate from her, lovely person, answered all my PMs. I received it within a week !! Woot !
    5. it has always been my pleasure in buying from treelore.. Lovely person. Wonderful seller..
    6. Treelore is very good :)
    7. TreeLore is a great buyer, she paid fast and the communication from her was great
    8. Its thanks to TreeLore that I was able to get my first BJD in 2004. Lore was very sweet and allowed me to make payments. Her communication with me was nice and frequent. After I'd sent my last payment, my doll arrived fast, perfect, and very well packed. I would not hesitate to transact with TreeLore again, she gets the 5-star rating from me!

      Juli DC :D
    9. Treelore and I did a split order with DOD, she paid quickly, we worked everything out, and it was smooth sailing. An excellent person to work with.

      She also helped me get my Jun. THANK YOU!!! :) :) :)
    10. Treelore is the the best. I have gotten quite a few things from her and they are always packed very well and they are nicer than she describes.
    11. One of the best sellers I've dealt with, sold me a Seina Unoss outfit and it was VERY well packed and arrived quickly! Brilliant! :)
    12. wow thanks for starting one for me!!! I will add a link in my sig :) thanks everyone.

      elf-ears! you have a great memory!! I forgot who it was I helped get JUN!! :) thanks for nudging mine.
    13. I have bought a couple of dolls from Treelore & I can't express how wonder she is to transact with. Her communication is always prompt & friendly & dolls arrive swiftly with care in packaging. She is truly a delightful person! :daisy
    14. Treelore is the BEST to deal with in so many ways, in buying from, in selling to-she has A+ communication, is friendly & fun. I wish i could buy everything from her ;-D
    15. I dealt with Treelore in the purchase of "16mm/14mm Silver tone Ethereal Angel Eye Candies S17" ...... very helpful before I decide to purchase them with links/pics & then when they were ready for shipment was prompt and forth-right in informing me they were not 14mm but a unique 16mm white and a 14mm iris and offered a complete refund if I wanted to cancel the purchase ........ but I was even more please with this uniqueness & they arrived very quickly :)

      Thx Very Much :abow:
    16. I've had a great swap with Treelore!
      She's way cool and very honest!
      Thank you!
    17. I have purchased the most wonderful doll, my favorite girl doll from Treelore and some really cool outfits. She is incredibly wonderful, and friendly to do business with. I highly recommend her to anyone.
    18. Perfect transaction. Thanks a lot !
    19. I had several smooth transactions with Treelore, as a buyer and as a seller.
      She is wonderful and frienly.
      Recommended to all European buyers, she knows our problems and she help us.
    20. :) thank you Nya I do know because all my relatives are in England.