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Feedback thread for Trixyloupwolf

May 15, 2011

    1. I couldn't find a feedback thread for her so I'm creating one.

      Trixyloupwolf participated in a swap I hosted. She was also my partner.

      She made my doll a really cute outfit and mailed it within the time frame.

      I would be glad to have her join another of my swaps.

    2. I was fortunate enough to be Trixyloupwolf's swap partner in the "Nana's Eiderdown Swap". She shipped on time and what I received was absolutely wonderful. Obviously a lot of thought went into matching it to my doll's characterand and it's extremely well made. The little bedding set is an amazing work of art with great attention to detail. I couldn't be happier.:D
    3. big positive feedback!

      What a sweet and enthusiastic buyer!
      She paid immidiately and was always fast to PM.
      she was super understanding & patient about troubles I had with Canada Post/the post lock out

      I would deal with her again in a heartbeat.
      And I would reccomend her to any other sellers!
    4. She purchased a puki Ante from me. Quick payment, great communication, super smooth transaction. I couldn't recommend her more!

      TrixyLoupWolf was my partner in the Purple Swap and I got this from her, after sending her two outfits, and ahandful of toys:


      The dress is covered in sticky fabric paint, and the doll these items were to be for was a J'aime Doll Dino. She lied that she "never received measurements" and it was verified by the swap leader that she did receive them on time to complete an outfit or find something in scale.

      TrixyLoupWolf is not recommended for any swaps. She was not a good partner.
    6. Trixyloupwolf participated in my Sleep Over Swap.

      She sent her partners a nice gift, shipped within the time frame and communication was excellent!

      She is welcome to join any of my swaps!
    7. maybe you were just had too big expectation of me.
      i send thing i tough would be nice i did my best i could think of.
      yet i has good feedback from all........

      wanted doll i still has respect her wishlist
      o well i cannot be always perfect

      but that no mean iam a bad swaper event dough one time i miss to be perfect for you.
      iam emo maybe but i do my best wen i do not own same saze doll ...
      again for bilion time sorry i did not please you.

      ps: closing the conversation with this.
      ill not leave feedback for her since i prefer saying nothing to be flame after.

      let peace flow again.....
      iam still did what i tough was ok for wishlist
      sticky paint just neede ironing as i used paint all the time for my own cosplay.
      it was fabric paint.

      hug hug.
    8. Trixyloupwolf bought a set of pukisha parts from me. She paid promptly and let me know the moment they arrived (which I really appreciated). All in all a good transaction. Thank you :D
    9. I just sold a Pukisha faceplate and a Pukisha hands, feet and Ears set to Trixyloupwolf. What a lovely lady. She was super nice to deal with. Was very quick to reply to my pms and paid lightning fast. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again.

      Many thanks Trixy! :D

      Fairy Hugs,
    10. I bought a puki with hooves from Trixy, and it was all together a lovely transaction! She included LOTS of very lovely extras that I liked very much, including some handmade ones that were super awesome and turbo cute!
      Thanks a bunch!!
    11. Trixyloupwolf bought a puki mask from me. She replied quickly and was great to work with!
    12. I have recently sold a Puki Skull Mask to Trixyloupwolf. She was a joy to deal with, friendly and communicative throughout. She was also patient when there was an unforseen delay at my end of the transaction.

      Would deal with again. Thank you :)
    13. Trixy bought my Luts Zuzu Delf Zombie Chu from me <3
      She is a great buyer, very friendly & open communication, paid on very short term layaway & finished payment sooner than the agreed date :3 Also very kindly let me know the zombie arrived with her <3
      Would happily deal with again & recommend to others xXx
    14. Trixyloupwolf was apart of my Romance Rio the swans limited split. She was an absolute pleasure to deal with, paid on time and had awesome communication. I would recommend her to any seller/split hoster in future!

      thank you for being a breeze to deal with <3
    15. Trixyloupwolf was a part of my Fairyland GO/Littlefee Split. She purchased a Littlefee dress and wig! She was very sweet, paid fast and was very understanding and had great communication throughout!

      Thank you so much!
    16. Trixyloupwolf bought a pair of Yo sized Leeke black boots from me. She paid quickly and was friendly and responsive in PMs. I look forward to future transactions with her. :hollyberry
    17. I traded a Luts Zuzu Delf for Trixyloupwolf's puki. She was very friendly to work with and included many extras with the doll. The transaction was positive for me! Thank you so much! :)