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Feedback thread for tyviris

Apr 16, 2007

    1. Since I didn't see one...

      tyviris just bought a mini sized t-shirt from me. She paid super fast and responded to PMs. Thanks so much for a lovely transaction! :)
    2. I've bought my first girl from Tyviris late of august. Paid around the 29-30th and she arrived on the 5th! <3

      I had some trouble with the payment i sent since i used a friend's paypal, but she was very kind and understanding about it. The trouble was on my side, and her money got retracted. Thankfully she was patient with me, altho we were both worried about the ordeal

      Anyway, overall it was a good transaction and my girl arrived safe and well packed <3
    3. tyviris did me a huge favor and picked up a pair of eyes from volks that I'd been coveting. She is a total sweetheart and I would definitely recommend dealing with her. :kitty2
    4. Tyviris sold me a migidoll ryu head. There was good communication from her throughout, and she packaged him really well. I'd definitely buy from her again :)
      Thank you so much!
    5. I sold a wig to tyviris and she was very kind all throughout the transaction. She paid quickly and was very patient with me. I would definitely do business with her again! ^__~
    6. Tyviris bought some wigs from me. It was a fantastic transaction: her super-fast payment and friendly communication has really impressed me. She lets me know as soon as the package has arrived. Highly recommended!!
      Thank you so much~^^
    7. I bought a pair of Hewitt II boots from tyviris. Overall, I am satisfied with the transaction. There was a minor delay in shipping (paid April 20, shipped 28th - so not very long really) and I was happy to receive regular updates and there was always lots of communication. The shoes arrived slightly scuffed (paint chipped off the soles - from knocking against one another in the box, I think, since they were shipped in the same ziploc bag without bubble-wrap/padding) but it doesn't bother me. I notified tyviris when they arrived so hopefully this will not be a problem for others in the future.

      Thank you for a satisfactory transaction!
    8. I bought a 7-8 wig for my boy from here and it arrived really quickly once shipped, but she kept me notified through the whole process to let me know when she shipped and all of that. I really appreciate that.

      But then, when the shipping was less than what I paid, she kindly paid me back the difference.

      I'm quite satisfied. The wig looks great and fits perfectly.
    9. I bought a Lati Blue Rei and Mystic Khan head from tyviris. I'm very happy with the transaction! She shipped the dolls out when we agreed to a shipping time (I was traveling and asked her to ship after a specific date, which she did!). :) Her communication was great and she kept in touch with me until my boys got home! She's a pleasure to deal with and I'd LOVE to deal with her again!:aheartbea

      A+ :)
    10. bought an msd shirt, we had a little bit of communication issues due to real life but she was friendly throughout and the shirt arrived within 2 days of being shipped! thank you!
    11. *the communication issues were on both sides, her and I, meant to write that in the first post
    12. tyviris is a very patient and understanding buyer!
      Prompt payments and excellent communication! :aheartbea
      Thank you so much for the super-fast and smooth transaction~^^
    13. tyviris bought a clothes set from me and the transaction was as pleasant and prompt as it could be. :) The seller was fast to communicate and notified me immediately when the item arrived. I wouldn't hesitate to deal with the buyer again!

      Thank you very much!!
    14. Tyviris brought a dress set from me, flawless transaction and communication, thank you very much!
    15. Tyviris bought some wigs from me and the transaction went very well! Thank you. ^^