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Feedback Thread for Uneide and Featherfall

Jul 12, 2006

    1. Guys, if you've gotten stuff off me ( or I've gotten stuff off you! ;) ) Can you post on my feedback thread? Thank you!: )


      I've added FEATHERFALL to the thread name too, so that anyone who has bougth from me or our company can post here. :) I stand behind my work and my company, and I think its a good idea for people to be able to see that. ;)

      You can also find more feedback from me on Ebay under Uneide. Thank you!
    2. I bought a pink and purple pair, and am very pleased with them. The transaction was VERY smooth and quick!:)
    3. I bought a pair of green fairy wings from Uneide and love them! :) Quick turnaround, great communication and wonderful wings!
    4. I let Uneide pick what color wings to send me. She kept in touch the entire time and they came very fast. I'm very pleased with them and so is Erianthe.
      Well you dont have to take my word for it. . .

    5. I just bought four fans from Uneide--very cute, arrived quickly, and Uneide was friendly and generous to deal with! :chibi
    6. I bought a pair of blue fairy wings from Uneide and they're absolutely stunning in person :aheartbea Kept in contact, very friendly, fast delivery and great quality. What more could you ask for? :D
    7. I bought two pairs of arm warmers from Uneide, they look so pretty and came so quick.

      Here's a pic of Niko in the blue/dark blue/brown pair. He just loves them~

    8. I'm sooo happy about the plushie! SHe's so detailed for such a small thing!

    9. I got the geta today! they are very cute ^_^ thank you!
    10. Uneide created a special fan for me and it is exactly what I wanted. Very professional attitude in correspondence and let me know exactly where she was in the project. Thanks!
    11. I just got the socks/armwarmers! Ash looks amazing in them(even headless).
      They came quick and she send another pair as a gift! I would buy from her again!
    12. I bought a necklace and a belt and commissioned a necklace. SO happy!!! Kimi loves her new accessories!!


      {necklace and belt from uneide}


      {necklace commissioned}
    13. Oh, she looks lovely!! Thank you for posting the pics, Sharsachan! :D

    14. uneide sold me some lovely geta, thanks so much!
    15. i bought some geta from uneide, they are amazing, i love them, and she is very friendly, thanks
    16. I bought a wig from uneide, and the transaction was PERFECT.

      The wig was shipped promptly, was well-packed, and was in BETTER shape than uneide described! I would be happy to have future transactions with uneide. :)
    17. The geta and parasol are soooo cute, thanks so much! These will certainly make Rukia taller. I'd post pictures, but I don't exactly have Rukia yet...>_>
    18. Super great seller! very quick shipping and great selection of dolly stuff too! :3nodding: Sorry I don't have any pic's, but Lecaria loves her green wings! :chibi
    19. ELLO! REally great Seller and I got an extra little gift! and it came uber quick! Thanks! Picks comeing soon
    20. got my pretty green wings! YAY! and the day i got them, i saw the exact same ones on ebay for alot more. Thanks for saving me some $$$ and sending me something pretty. woohoo. ;)