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Feedback Thread for wally

Jun 14, 2009

    1. Oh yay I'm first!
      I just made some fun stuff for Wally's Hana and everything was wonderful!
      Thanks so much for being so great to work with!:)
    2. I bought a Uyoo from Wally. Prompt communication, pleasant to deal with, accurate description, speedy shipping. Recommended.

    3. wally bought a couple of outfits from me. Super buyer! Great pms. Highly recommended.
    4. I sold an Unoa Lusis to wally who was very friendly, paid promptly and was an overall wonderful buyer- thank you so much! I would definately do business with again!
    5. I sold an Unoa Sist faceplate to wally, who payed right away and kept excellent communication! I'm so glad my former sist found a nice home <3 Our transaction was flawless and I'd love to work with wally again! :]

      ~Thank you ^w^
    6. I bought an Elfdoll Hana Angel from Wally and it was shipped the next day, very efficient seller! Arrived well packed in great condition, a very pleasant transaction.
    7. I bought an SD13 boy ensemble from Wally, and the transaction was a complete pleasure from start to finish. Good price, great emails and speedy shipping. I'm totally happy with what I bought.
    8. I just completed a transaction, with Wally and she was very pleasant to deal with. Very prompt shipping and I am very happy with my purchase.
    9. I just had a perfect transaction with Wally and my doll arrived promptly and in pristine condition. Communication was excellent, doll was shipped when she said it would be and was just as described. Very happy buyer here!!!:fangirl:
    10. wally bought unoa zero/hybrid from me and was a pleasure to deal with! would do it again:)
    11. I bought SOOM - Cuprit from wally ^^

      Wally is awesome !!!!
      Fast response, fast shipping, nice service and so lovely and funny ^^

      My Cuprit is very beautiful and prefect :D
      Wally take care of her very good and service to me very lovely.

      I really happy to trading with her :D
      Very positive +++++++++ feedback to her ^^
    12. Wally & I trades dollie items!!! I love my new wig! Or should I say, my Narae really love the new wiggie!;) Thanks so much!
    13. Wally bought doll eyes from me. She paid quickly and told me when package arrived.
      Always a pleasure to do business with.
    14. Wally was wonderful! :aheartbea She purchased a Unoa Zero body from me and she was excellent throughout the entire transaction. Very courteous, paid super fast, and she let me know when she received the body. I would definitely do business with her again. :)
    15. :fangirl::fangirl::fangirl::fangirl:

      I purchased an amazing S.O.D.A. couture beaded Dior grown from Wally for my Cuprit which she sent off right away and her communication was top notch plus she is very friendly and courteous to deal with - can't recommend highly enough!!!!
    16. Wally bought my U-Noss. This is one of the nicest, and smoothest transactions that I have been involved with on DOA. Very fast payments and friendly notes. I highly recommend Wally for any transaction on DOA. Just perfect! Thank you Wally! - Barb
    17. I bought an Asleep Eidolon body from Wally. I inquired about the possibility of a split that was not offered and she was extremely kind and polite in her reply. She got back to me promptly when the body became available, had a total for me that evening, and shipped the body the next day, provided me with a tracking number via PM and tracking emails via FedEx. The body arrived packed in plenty of foam with "Fragile" written all over the place. A top-notch Marketplace seller; I would recommend her to anyone.
    18. I bought a Planetdoll Riz from her, and the transaction went very smooth! She was friendly, responded quick to all my messages, and was very informative the whole way through. She packed and sent the doll straight away, and it came to me well wrapped and with some nifty extras.

      I am very happy! And I would definitively buy something from her again :)
    19. Wally purchased a pair of eyes from me, and it was a lovely transaction. Very clear and swift communication, prompt payment, and I was notified upon their arrival. A great buyer!