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Feedback thread for Wezlart

Sep 30, 2008

    1. Welcome to my feedback thread. As I've only recently become active on this forum, I'll post a link to my eBay feedback. I've been a longtime buyer and seller through eBay under the wezlart name. I've also recently opened my own etsy shop, under wezlart, as well, but it's still in the baby-stage.

      If you have questions or concerns, please contact me! If you'd like to get to know me before a transaction, and before my feedback rating can speak for itself, contact me! I will be glad to help with referrals and testimonies from people who have known me online and in the real world.

      I will also leave feedback, as I think it is a very important part of keeping this a healthy and happy forum to be on.

      My eBay feedback is located here:

      Thank you!
    2. Carla got a doll form from me and is a real pleasure to deal with. Clear communication and politness all the way !

      Great transaction : )
    3. wezlart bought my DZ Megi from me and she also bought a set of clothes. She paid quickly and when he finally got to her, she sent me an pm stating so. She was very patient with me even when there was a slight mishap with sending the doll out. She's a great buyer and I hope to do business with her again.

      Enjoy your new boy!
    4. I bought a necklace from Wezlart - her communication was fast and friendly and she helped me out a lot, since it was my first marketplace transaction. Her shipping was extremely prompt, and the necklace was well packaged/protected, as well as being very pretty :)
      Easy and fast transaction!
    5. Wezlart was in one of my group orders and she was a pleasure to work with.
    6. Welzart commissioned both a Custom Skunk Mod project and a face up. She was very communicative throughout the entire project, with fast payment. I enjoyed very much working with her and recomend her highly. Enjoy your boys and I look forward to working with you again:)
    7. Sold a Dollzone Skunk to the lovely wezlart. What a beautiful and wonderful transaction. Great communication, fast and timely payments on payment play, everything! Would never ask for anything more. Thank you so much!