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Feedback thread for wyldwoman

Apr 22, 2009

    1. So since I just had my very first marketplace transaction here on DoA, I suppose it's time to create my very own feedback thread.

      So lay your love on me here. :fangirl: :aheartbea :chocoberry :chocoheart :truffle :whitetruffle
    2. First Response! I sold a gorgeous curly purple wig to WyldWoman and it went fairly smoothly! I learned I need to be more patient and not assume that I've said something wrong when someone doesn't reply withing 24 hours. I'd definitely do business again with WW!

    3. "withing" = "within" lol my bad.
    4. Wyldwoman recently commissioned me to work on her UH-14. The transaction was smooth & pleasant. No issues at all and I hope to do business with her again in the future :)
    5. Sold a pair of eyes to Wyldwoman. The transaction and communication was great, and I'd sell to her again :)
    6. Wyldwoman bought a pair of eyes off of me. paid quickly and great communication! thank you!
    7. Wyldwoman bought a lovely green dress from me. Great communication, super fast payment. I would not hesitate to deal with her again. She is a credit to DOA.