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Feedback Thread for yarnbra

Apr 27, 2009

    1. I did a search and no luck so I am starting a thread for Yarnbra.

      Yarnbra/Ann did a long layaway with me to adopt my Lume Doll Izar. She paid on time and always let em know when a payment was coming as well as to make sure I got it. Lovely lady to deal with and I do hope Izar will make her very happy. :chocoheart
    2. Yarnbra bought doll eyes from me. She paid quickly and let me know told me when eyes arrived. A pleasure to do business with.
    3. Excellent transaction. Annie paid very quickly, and had excellent communication.

      So glad Bula found such a wonderful home!

      Many thanks
      Mary-Lee :-)
    4. yarnbra bought a dress from me. Paid quickly, and let me know when everything arrived. Great transaction!:)
    5. Very nice transaction...great buyer.
    6. Yarnbra bough a DZ Wing-2 from me. :) It was a fairly short layaway and she paid every time she said she would. An excellent buyer and I would definitely do business with her again :) A+++++++
    7. Another perfect transaction with Yarnbra! Super-speedy payment and prompt, friendly communications. Yarnbra is always a joy to work with! Highest recommendation.
    8. It's difficult to find new compliments for Yarnbra. She's just one of the most dependable, pleasant people to work with on DoA!
    9. Sold a DZ baby D to her..the doll wasn't on topic on DoA but I wanted to leave her positive feedback. :) Great buyer, pays quickly, great communication. :) Thanks again!