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Feedback Thread for Yumi

Aug 22, 2006

    1. Feedback for me

    2. She's an amazingly kind and nice person!
      I brought my boy from her and she worried about him getting to me just as much as i worried about him.
      A.K.A. she is a flippin great seller!
    3. I bought a head from Yumi this month and as usual the transaction was perfection!
      Yumi is honest, fair, reliable, knowlegeable and very, very sweet! She has my highest esteem as a seller.

      Thank you, Yumi! You rock my toe socks! :fangirl:
    4. Yumi purchased an orangebabydolly ring and payed immediately. She's unfailingly considerate and as reliable a buyer as she is a seller. :)
    5. Sold Yumi my BW Chiwoo head and it was a great transaction, thanks!
    6. I bought a BW Moon head from Yumi for a friend of mine. The head arrived very quickly and well packed. Communications were great and the whole transaction went smoothly. I wouldn't hesitate buying something from Yumi again. Thanks so much! :)
    7. Bought a sweater and scarf combo from Yumi. The transaction was very quick with great communication and a choice in shipping, which was very considerate. Very nice and I would definitely buy from her again. :)
      Thank you!
    8. Purchased a pair of Sadol Jeans from Yumi, fast shipping, thanks!
    9. Sold a BC Kumi to Yumi ^^ (hey that rhymes o.O!).

      She kept good, clear communication and paid on time :). Very nice and understanding to me as a seller even though the post was being slow with her package.
    10. I bought a head from Yumi. Yumi is very nice and kind, very considerable. Thank you.
    11. I participated in a group order organized by Yumi.

      She was awesome, kind, and incredibly helpful!! She updated us all on the status of our order quickly and she was incredibly understanding with my Marketplace newbie-ness XD

      Thank you so much!
    12. Yumi was sweet enough to take over a group order that was abruptly dropped. Great communication and fast shipping! I definitely wouldn't hesitate to join any group order she runs.:aheartbea
    13. I was also part of Yumi's Luts group order. She was wonderful, kept us updated all the way, and very pleasant to deal with. Quick to ship once everything reached her, too! Would love to join future group orders she runs. (Thank you!)
    14. I too was part of the Luts group order Yumi ran. She did a great job letting us know what was happening at each stage of the order. She shipped very fast once the order arrived. I'd happily join any future group order she ran.
    15. I participated in the Luts order Yumi ran and she was very much on top of things. She was a pleasure to deal with. Thanks!
    16. Bought 2 tops from Yumi and bought arrived quickly and safely ^^
      Thank you!
    17. I'm always terrified to buy dolls from other owners due to the large amount of money involved, but Yumi is just amazing to deal with. She was very quick with replying to PMs, and is always polite as well as friendly. I bought a doll head from her, and the transaction couldn't be smoother. She shipped right away and kept me updated. Buy from her with confidence =D.
    18. I bought something from Yumi.
      Yumi is really reliable and patient seller.

      She is willing to fulfill my personal request. :)
      Thank you so much for your great packaging, Yumi! :aheartbea

      I'll not hesitate to buy from her again.
      Thanks for your fast shipping!
    19. I bought a re che head from Yumi.
      smooth transaction and great communication.
      She is a very nice and kind person.
    20. I purchased a very cute Yo dress set from Yumi receintly. It arrived quickly and is like new! Thanks so much!