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Feedback thread for zchic75

Aug 15, 2009

    1. Please post your feedback for transactions with me here. Thanks! :)
    2. Hai hai
      Thanks so much!
      The rocking horse is so cute and I love the gift so much :3

      Not to mention shipping came exactly when I expected it ^^ actually it was kind of funny cause the postman/woman was like..speeding o.0 and backing into just about everyone's driveway..then he kinda just threw the package on my door step from his truck and sped off..seriously like a race car xD you'd think he'd get a ticket lol I'm not even exaggerating. It was the weirdest thing I ever saw.

      Anyways your awesome <3 and thanks again, especialy for the gift x3! sorry for the rant ^^;
    3. I bought a littlefee sized shopping cart, princess bed, and a custom crib from zchic75. Everything was adorable and had excellent detail. The crib turned out just how I wanted it and the princess bed is so cute! The comforter/blanket/pillows are also perfect and very comfortable, they also match very well. :aheartbea The pricing for all of this was very reasonable! (I would have paid more actually ;)). Everything was packaged wonderfully and had delivery confirmation. She also gave me a fleece winter hat, which is so cute/soft and definitely looks well made :D I'll be sure to post pictures once my girl gets here for anyone interested in seeing <3 I definitely recommend her and will 100% come back for more stuff ;D I already have an idea of what I want but have to wait till I get my doll, and fix up my room (which I'm procrastinating x-x)
    4. I bought a Lishe head from zchic75 and it was an easy, pleasant transaction, with excellent communication. She shipped quickly and the head was darling and packed very well. Thank you for a delightful transaction!
    5. Bought a faceplate from Zchic75, she was very attentive and communicative through the whole process! Thanks!
    6. zchic purchased a MNM head from me and it was very smooth transaction. Communication is excellent and payment is prompt! She let me know the item was received, which is very much appreciated! Thank you! :)
    7. zchic was a participant in my Kristen Stewart Minimee order - she was a pleasure to work with and all communication request were quickly answered. Payment was on-time and she was a valuable contributor to the group. Thank you for your awesomeness *hugs*