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Feedback thread Humming Jack

Nov 17, 2008

    1. Just did a awsome trade with Humming Jack. I traded a pair of glass eyes for some boots. I very please as I don't trade overseas much. I would gladly trade or sale to this person anytime.
    2. I sold a doll head to Humming Jack. The transaction was smooth, no problem at all.

      Thanks! :D (sorry I was so slow to post here! D: )
    3. Waiting for a payment since January.

      Almost no communication, usually had to PM the buyer myself every 1-2 weeks so he/she would reply that the payment will be made 'next week'. Feel like a total idiot -_-' Just tired of waiting, and it's a total waste of time.
    4. Sold a crobi pant to Humming Jack and it is a quite a happy transaction.
    5. I part traded a MA Black Shirt with Humming Jack for a DoD White Fur Wig and easy and pleasnt transaction.

    6. HUmming Jack was a member of my Dollmore GO.

      Great person to do business with, wouldnt hesitate to do so again ^^

      thankyou so much for being in the group ^^
    7. I have been contacted by various DoA members asking if Humming Jack and I have found a solution towards good end. I'm sorry, but I just ended up writing it for the forth time and I'm not planning to do that again, so here it is:

      After I left a negative he/she contacted again with excuses saying he still wants to purchase the item, after I said fine and gave payment information I never heard from him again. But after all this time I sort of expected that...
      So no, no solution. No, my opinion didn't change. And no, I won't recommend him.
    8. i fully recomend Humming Jack! she was great to work with and excellent communication! shipped as soon as i payed. the package came very well protected and in perfect condition (beautifully wrapped too!). very patient and understanding, and i made a friend out of it. wouldnt have chosen another seller to buy from <3
    9. I sold a Migidoll Ryu head to HJ~

      Communication was very pleasant and no question was left unanswered. She immediately sent me payment and let me know when her item arrived.

      I highly recommend Humming Jack--my dealing with her was super pleasant and smooth all the way!

      Thank you so much~ :D
    10. I bought a floating head from Humming Jack. She kept good communication and shipped head when she said she would. Very smooth international transaction!
    11. Bought a faceplate to Jack. Got some problem during the transaction, but everything ended fine :)
    12. Humming Jack bought my Ryutaro Arimura head. Fast payment and great communication,thanks so much!!
    13. Humming Jack was a Dollmore GO leader and great to work with, despite a few confusions. :D Items were shipped quickly, well packaged, and accurate! Would love to do another GO with Humming Jack anytime!

    14. Humming Jack arranged a Dollmore GO and I took part in it, just got my items in the post today,yay!......thanks for all your help Humming Jack, you did a good job....you wouldn't get me leading one of these GOs, Lol :)
    15. Took part in a Dollmore GO run by Humming Jack. My goods were extremely well packed and in perfect condition. I'm very pleased with my order.
    16. I'm really sorry to do this but this is definitely a negative rating for Humming Jack.

      I've jointed in her GO for dollmore in June,so far everyone payed for their own stuff,and so did i.Nothing particular went wrong in this phase since the order from dollmore went on shipping and her pick up after pay the custom fee for the parcel.
      And suddently started the problem with communication and Hummig Jack started to reply slower to pms..while she was so nice and fast in the update for the GO suddently she disappeared,i really didn't belive she scammed no one,and i also claimed in the GO thread that i truely belive that was only a stressful period of her real everyday life.

      She was out for a trip,something like that,then she seriously was ill,and that was the reason why she didn't get back to us for the shipping fee.
      But even when she finally update us about the custom duty,another member take care to divide the tax for the others, she shipped to few,and never did to others.

      One of this member was me.Taking note that i was the one outside Uk who joined, so i assumed that my shipment was a little difficult as international and would take a while.
      But since that,July and August passed away and i got no trace of my parcel that i believed was lot in transit thru mail.

      Even one of Humming Jack friends help me out to get in contact with her, and succeed,but no way that my stuff,payed in JUNE,arriving safely in my hands...
      The last contact i got with her was on 26 of AUGUST when she claimed that the parcel was sent back to her due to wrong postal address,i resent agai my address,and this message never reached her,still unread in my inbox in my tracking messages.
      And definiltey i haven't any idea of what happened to this parcel,but i didn't got it!

      So i know that Humming Jack didn't scam no one,i know that probably thing played versus her BUT i assume that if she wasen't able to manage such HUGE go then she woulden't tried to host that!
      I'm out of my stuff,out of my money,cleary bittered and sad.
      I really don't wish to ruin her reputation but i strongly belive that other members should be aware of what happened to me,so set a decision to join or not Humming Jack GO.
    17. +1 NEGATIVE feedback.

      No response from Humming Jack.
      Still haven't recieved my Dollmore Go! items along with some other people.
      The order was placed months and months ago.
      No response, no refund.
      Very unhappy. Don't deal with.