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Feedback Thread of Cerindiputy

May 10, 2010

    1. This is my feedback thread! ^^ Please post if I've been favorable in buying or selling. :)
    2. Cerindiputy bought a doll from me. We had great communication and she paid quickly. It was a very pleasant transaction, thanks!
    3. I sold a trenchcoat to Cerindiputy. ^____^ She paid quickly and had great communication. <3 It was a pleasant transaction.
    4. I sold a DZ yuu to her and she was awesome. The communication was superb, she paid super fast, she was extremely polite and respectful.
      I would sell to her again and again!
      A+ buyer!
    5. Cerindiputy bought a pair of tartan SD13 pants off me.
      She paid right away and let me know as soon as they arrived!
      A complete diamond to sell to and no quibbles if she ever wants anything else in the future ^__^
    6. I recently had the opportunity to work with Cerindiputy and was quite pleased. She was very prompt with payment and pleasant to work with.

      I would highly reccommend her for any type of transaction.
    7. Really nice contact and really smooth and quick transaction. ^-^b
    8. nice buyer :D
      [for some props]
    9. :fangirl:Cerindiputy bought a hoodie from me and she is an excellent buyer! =D Fast payment and great communication! Would deal with her again! Thank you so much and love you so much!:fangirl::fangirl::fangirl:
    10. I bought a pair of eyes from Cerindiputy and she was an EXCELLENT seller! She was very sweet and friendly and answered all of my questions! She even included a cute little extra. I would definitely recommend her and wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again!
    11. Cerindiputy bought a pair of Dollmore eyes from me and the transaction was perfect. Excellent buyer.
    12. Cerindiputy bought an SD blue kimono from me. It was a real pleasure to deal with her, Payment was made very quickly and she informed me about package's arrival.

      Thank you so much! I hope for more transactions with you in the future. ^ ^
    13. Cerindiputy bought a pair of jeans from our last update. Quick with payment and so nice to deal with. We highly recommend her as a buyer. Thanks so much!
    14. Cerindiputy bought some dolly clothes from me.
      She was prompt and friendly in replies, and paid quickly too.
      I also appreciated that she let me know when the items have reached her.

      Recommended buyer! ^^
    15. I sold a Skive Suit to Cerindiputy.
      It was wonderful transaction ^^
      Fast payment and very friendly communication.
      Highly recommended for :)
    16. I comissioned Cerindiputy to make a doll website layout for me. She was really nice, worked really fasta nd to a high quality. I'm very happy with the result. Thankyou!
    17. I sold an Angell Studios DODO to Cerindiputy with a partial trade for free shipping. She was quick to respond, prompt to send her trade items, very sweet and personable. She paid just as soon as she had my PayPal email! 100% positive transaction.&#8203; I would recommend her to anyone, and I would also love to do business with her again! Thank you, Cerindiputy! :)
    18. I buy DZ HID (Tan) from Cerindiputy. She is very friendly and nice buyer! Very fast and best connection and high speed of shipping parcel! All come to me in best condition and very fast!
      I would highly reccommend her! :)
    19. I made a trade with cerindiputy! all perfect! she was very friendly and my Rena head is sooooooooooooooo cute! i recomend she 100%!!
    20. Cerindiputy helped me with a web page snafu I had! She was very patient with my complete bafflement, too, haha. Now my page has a nice little placeholder, which is all I needed for now.

      Thank you!