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Feedback to fredason

Oct 2, 2008

    1. dear every buyer,

      this is my feedback.

      If you buy some cloth and other things to doll,please give me an feedback.

      Thanks so much.
    2. oo, i'm first! i bought a jacket from fredason, & it is just beautiful. very well made & detailed. i love it! and fredason is very sweet to deal with, too. so thanks again! =)
    3. I bought a Soom Sard from Fredason. Despite having a few problems with her Paypal, (it will not take entire payments over 500.00, so i had to split my payment into 3 separate payments) and also some communication issues, (a few long waits between notes slight translation issues) i will say that she is a good seller who takes full responsibility for her goods. I received Sard with 3 broken fingers, and Fredason contacted Soom and had a new pair of hands sent to me at her expense. This is a great gesture from her, and i am very pleased with my Sard. Thank you Fredason!
    4. I bought a jacket from fredason. It's extremely well-made, I couldn't be happier with it. Thank you so much! :D Definitely will come back for more :)
    5. I bought a fullset suit from fredason, it's wonderfully made and detailed and she shipped it straight away. :D

      She also included a gift! Thankyou!
    6. you are all very well buyer

      thanks so much for you
    7. Here is my transaction with fredason:

      On August 21st I contacted fredason about the Soom Glati she had for sale. I wanted to see pictures of him because there wasn't any on the selling thread. I asked about the total and other questions related to the things included with him and I told her I’d made my decision after seeing the pics. She replied me and told me she’d send the pics the following day. She also told me:

      On August 22nd, she PM’ed me the pics as promised. I agreed on purchasing Glati. I sent the payment the same day. She replied me:

      So I waited for her PM about the Glati being sent. On August 25th, she PM’ed me with the tracking number, as promised. I thanked her and told her I’d let her know as soon as the doll was received.

      On August 26th, I PM’ed her because the tracking number she gave me gave me error when I tried to track it. Communication was difficult because English is not our first language. I tried to explain my problem again sending her another PM. The reply came on August 29th:

      And a following PM:
      I didn’t understand it very well, but I waited patiently for the doll. It took longer than usual because my name was incorrectly written in customs papers (that was NOT fredason's fault at all) so I had to go to the post office and pick him up personally. But he made home safe on September 3rd. When I opened him, I noticed the make up was not the default one. I didn’t notice it on the pics she sent me and I assumed since she wrote ”make-up” on her selling thread, it was the default by Soom, but it wasn’t. I was surprised, but not upset nor anything. I just PM’ed her to let her know that it is better to clarify it in her selling thread because it’s confusing for buyers. After I told her, she changed her post and wrote “make-up (not soom)”. It made me sad because it was as if I was telling a lie. Luckily I always save screen caps of my purchases, just in case I need them.

      The doll was indeed sent on August 28th, not the 25th as she told me. And also, the clothes she promised weren’t there. I PM’ed her about all of this. Here is my PM and her reply:

      And another PM from her right after the last one:
      I felt that she could have explained it better to me and on time, so I PM’ed her again. Here is my PM and her reply, dated Sept. 4th:

      I gave her my paypal address and she sent the $10 refund the same day.

      On September 13th, seeing the clothes had not arrived, I PM’ed her and asked her if she had sent them the 4th, as she told me. Here is the reply:

      I was surprised because she said she sent the clothes on September 4th but then she told me she had sent them on September 7th, 3 days later. I told her that and she replied, on September 14th:

      Today, September 18th, the clothes finally made it here. Fredason sent a 3 pieces set to me, as well as a plushy freebie (that is so cute) and blue tack. She also sent a post card apologizing. So this transaction is finished. I’m sorry, but it was not pleasant at all. It’s been a long transaction and it could have been good if fredason had explained me the things first. I think it’s very important to inform the other party of the transaction to the best of your ability. And yes, fredason sent the items and made up for her mistakes because she sent the clothes to me and also refunded $10. So I’m not saying she is a bad seller, just that communication is an important fact and I have been all stressed until today, when this transaction ended.
    8. I purchased clothes from fredason. Transaction and communication were very smooth. The clothes are carefully made and arrived in great condition.
      Highly recommend!!
    9. I am buy used Domuya Faith from fredason. All right. Shipping quickly. :lol:
      Thank You very much :daisy
    10. I purchased a hound from fredason, doll was beautifully packaged, swiftly shipped and is exquisite.Thankyou so much for a perfect, trouble free sale.
    11. I purchased a used Domuya One male body from fredason. Communication was great. We didn't seem to have much problem understanding each other at all. He arrived in a timely manner even though it was Chinese New Year in her country. I am very happy with the body.
    12. I purchased a doll-head from fredason. Transaction and communication were great and my boy arrived in great condition. :)
      Thank you so much! ^__^
    13. I recently purchased Domuya Faith and she shipped fast, packed well and the doll was in almost new condition as she described. I would definitely buy from Fredason anytime.
    14. I bought a yo-sd Remi, amazing doll and really nice and adorable person to do business with.A pleasure!!!
    15. I received some lovely clothes from fredason. She shipped fast and the clothes are lovely and well made! :)
    16. I purchased a Volks Puff from fredason and she was very friendly and let me have a two month layaway. Communication was very good and answer my PMs. After I finishing paying she promply gave me the EMS number. When he arrived he was pack really well. This transaction went really well and would do business with her again.
      Thanks so much :)
    17. I purchased a Domuya-1 body from fredason. The transaction was very pleasant. Communication was great and he arrived to me quickly and safely. I would do business with her again. Thank you!
    18. I bought some SD clothes from fredason, who was wonderful to deal with. I'd definitely do business with him again!!
    19. I bought a 70cm-sized suit set from fredason and the transaction was breezy and fuss-free. Their PM replies were pleasantly fast and polite even with evidence of the language barrier and they shipped the suit out promptly after receiving payment. Recommended and would definitely do business with again, they have such a gorgeous clothes collection ^^b
    20. I purchased a 70-cm 4 piece suit set and everything went smoothly, the shipping was very quick and communication was good, she let me know when it was shipped and the tracking number. The suit itself is really lovely, great value for the price. For $30 I don't necessarily expect a suit to have a fully lined jacket or working trouser pockets, but that's what I got! :D A cute little stuffed bunny cell phone strap was added as a bonus, too. I wouldn't hesitate to buy again.