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Feedback tread own made japanese food

Feb 28, 2007

    1. Hi

      This is my feedback tread from my japanese food store doll size.
      So evreyone can add here your feedback.
      Tell me what you liked and didn't liked.

      Greetings Melissa
    2. whoostar has boughten items from me and is an awesome buyer. Such a delightful person and fun to deal with.
    3. Sold a shirt to whoostar, the transaction went out easy and pleasant! Thank you very much!^^
    4. Whoostar is our favorite buyer. Payment is quick, even though she lives far away. She's the perfect buyer and a sweetie too. Thank you Melissa.
    5. It's us again. whoostar is still one of our favorite buyers. Always quick with payment and a sweetheart too.