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Feedback Trin Earth

Jul 20, 2006

    1. I ordered two outfits from Trin Earth. First of all, she answered my messages promtly and went out of her way to show me all the selection she could give me. Second, the transaction with her was smooth and quick! I got the goods really fast, and they were wonderful, really top quality. I would recommend her to everyone.
    2. I agree 100% with everything Stella Maris says--Trin Earth is a wonderful, friendly, professional seller, her garments are VERY well-made of good-quality fabrics, and also her prices are extremely low for the quality of the clothes. My Unoa boy has two kimonos that she's made, with a third on commission, and I'm sure I'll be back for more.
    3. I sold Trin Earth a CheeryDoll shirt! Payment was friendly and fast! ^_^
    4. Paid her July 24th of $65 US for two kimonos up to now I have never received it.

      She said she send them out on October 5th and I still have not gotten it. I am emailing her and still waiting for her reply.

      Will keep you guys up to date. She no longer comes to Den of Angels.

      I am being very patient and waiting and trust her bec. she had great feedback that is the reason why i ask her to make kimono for me. I think July up to now is enough time.
    5. Latest email i got from her

      I sent them and they should be coming. If you don't get them next week I will refund your money.

      Lets hope it will come next week.
    6. I have to chime in on what chinadoll is saying. After two *very* good transactions with Trin Earth earlier this year, I'm sorry to have to say that she's taken my money for a third kimono and disappeared. The last contact I had with her was in August, five weeks after I paid her; she said then that she had been sick and her sewing machine wasn't working, but that her father was going to fix the machine right away. I sent her a PM a few weeks ago, to ask for a refund, but I never got an answer.

      At least I'm only out $20. But it makes me sad that someone who was doing nice work and being good to deal with has taken this route instead.
    7. I want to post an update on my last transaction with Trin Earth: as of this morning, she has refunded my money in full. I really appreciate her taking care of this, instead of just vanishing (as she could easily have done).
    8. She is a wonderful person to deal with! Fast payment & really nice communications.
      Thanks! for buying my items. :)
    9. First off, I'd like to say, as to the negative feedback in this thread, that it has been resloved. I had a lot of issues with my local post office late last year and on top of health problems, things got out of hand. I refunded chinadoll's (and anyone else who wanted a refund) payment in full. If anyone is still missing something from me, please let me know.
    10. I bought 2 pairs of Souldoll eyes from Trin Earth. She was really nice to deal and answers my PMs promtly~ <3 The items arrived really fast too~! Thanks again~! =D
    11. trin earth bough some clothes from me and paid quickly and had good communication, thanks so much!! enjoy!
    12. Trin Earth bought a NaNuRi '07 head from me. She paid almost immediately and has been very nice to deal with. All communication was friendly! She is a great person to do business with! Thank you!
    13. I bought a wig from Trin Earth. :) She was excellent to work with, very understanding of me needing it in time for a convention. Absolutely recommended!
    14. I sold an outfit to Trin Earth with a partial trade for her payment. The transaction went very smoothly! After she paid the cash part of the transaction, I sent her the outfit, and then she sent me the wigs as the second 'payment'. They arrived neatly packaged and in great condition. :D A dream to do business with. Hope your boy likes the outfit!
    15. I received a commission from Trin Earth, and had a pleasant transaction all around. Her communication was perfect, and she paid promptly for the faceup! Would work with her again!
    16. Trin Earth bought part of a Dollheart outfit from me and it was a wonderful transaction. She was very friendly, paid when she said she would, and let me know when she received the package. She's an excellent buyer and I'd do business with her again <33

      Thank you!
    17. Trin Earth bought a SD dolkot body for me everything went reallyreally well!
      and she lets me know when it arrives as well!
      i'll gladly work with her again!
    18. Bought a white Fer from Trin Earth.

      She packed it VERY well and sent it priority! I got it within 2 days!

      Thank you soooo much for letting me buy it! I've been searching forever! :3
    19. I made a custom pair of jeans and a hoodie for Trin Earth and it was a great transaction! Perfect! Thanks so much and glad you liked them!
    20. Trin Earth bought a tank top from me and the transaction went very well. Payment and communication were both great and very on time. Thanks!