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~ feedback voor arienh

Mar 19, 2008

    1. I hope no further explanation is needed *points at thread title* ;)
    2. I did a commission for Arienh, and all went great :)
      Great communication and a wonderful person to deal with!
      I'd take a commission from her anytime :D
    3. arienh bought a Karon head from me. She paid promptly and had excellent communication :aheartbea Everything went perfect!
    4. arienh bought a mnf wig from me & paid super quick, & was very nice to deal with. I highly recommend arienh as a buyer! Thanks! Enjoy the wig! :)
    5. I've done some business with arien, so it's time to leave some feedback =3

      - I bought a Bluefairy body from arienh back in 2008 - the 'delivery' (we met up so she could hand it over) went very smoothly, and the body was in very good condition except for some damage to the wrist joints. She had already mentioned it and calculated in the price so that was not a problem at all =3 The body hadn't yellowed at all so I could easily replace the hands.

      - I also joined arienh in a Pupapa piggyback, which went smoothly as well. She was very fast in ordering after I paid, and once the items arrived at her house she quickly packed it up and shipped it to me. The items arrived a day after they'd shipped, well-packaged ^^

      Very reccomended to buy from =3
    6. I forgot... I also bought a pair of SD sneakers back in 2008. Arienh shipped out the day after paying and the shoes arrived safely the day after that =3
      I forgot because I gifted the shoes to a friend and havent seen her in a while... ^^"
    7. I bought Arienh's BF Louis head. Fabulously smooth international transaction, and she is so lovely to talk to!
    8. And you HAVE to see the funniest picture ever that she has for her profile picture! (Sorry, DOA wouldn't let me just edit my prior post!)
    9. I bought a doll from Arienh and the transaction was very smooth, the communication was easy and she sent the doll promptly., which arrived fast and exactly as described. She is a very nice person and I would not hesitate to do business with her again :daisy
    10. Bought a shirt from me. The transaction went wonderfully.
      Thank you again!
    11. Purchased a Napidoll Chesi dreaming head from arienh and it arrived in perfect condition with fast shipping. Overall GREAT transaction, thank you so much!

    12. purchased a pair of eyes from arienh, wonderful communication and the item arrived safely and beautifully packaged~ thank you very much :)
    13. arienh bought a Lusis faceplate from me. Payment was lightning fast, and communication was friendly. :] A pleasure to work with.
    14. I bought Zaol Muse from Arienh and the transaction was very smooth. The meeting with Arienh was a great pleasure. I've spent excellent time in Amsterdam. She is a very nice person and I recommend to do business with her. I recive more then only a doll.:) Thank you very much for all.
    15. I bought a Unoa Lusis FP från Arienh, who always answered really promptly (and friendly:lol:) to PM:s and sent out the package superfast! Thanks for a lovely transaction :aheartbea
    16. I bought a Banji boy NS from arienh
      He arrived quickly in perfect order Thanks!!!! Great to chat with and let me know when he went out
    17. I bought a Glorydoll's Luci/Louis head from arienh.
      Very nice and friendly communication, fast answers and smooth transaction. The head arrived very good packed.
      I would deal with arienh again! Thank you^_^
    18. arienh sold me an Elfdoll Vivien head. She was nice enough to put up with a fair few PMs from me :p And she even let me do a very short layaway. I can't thank her enough for selling me this gorgeous head <3 It was packaged up safely and shipped quickly! Thanks!
    19. I sold arienh a pair of replacement hands for her elfdoll. Her communication was great and it was a very pleasant transaction. I would be happy to deal with her again.
    20. Excellent all around transaction with arienh for my purchase of a JID hoody and cap.