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Feedback - WillowFayre

May 9, 2008

    1. Please leave a message on my trading ability. :)
    2. WillowFayre bought a shirt from me and overall the transaction was great! unfortunately, her payment was delayed because she had to go out of town for several days without notifying me, but she maintained good communication once she got back^____^
    3. Sold 2 outfits to WillowFayre who paid fast and was a pleasure to deal with. Thank you.
    4. WillowFayre bought a MNF Shiwoo from me. Payment was fast, and communication was excellent. The whole transaction went smoothly. Highly recommended, overall a real nice person to deal with!
    5. WillowFayre Bought My DoI, The transaction was very smooth and payment fast. She is a sweetheart to deal with.
    6. WillowFayre bought a couple of 70cm shirts from me, and it was a great transaction! Payment was quick, communication was fast, and the whole thing went smoothly. Thanks again! :D
    7. Bought a WS Sprite head from this wonderful seller. ^__^ Great communication, shipped promptly, received in mail fast, and packaged very well. Thanks so much! =^.^=
    8. bought a shiwoo of them. They were polite and excellent with shipping, packing him well when i asked. Definitely would buy from again.
    9. WillowFayre bought a SDF body from me. She is an excellent buyer and wonderful person.

      Always really polite and nice.

      Great to work with. Pays very fast. Thank you much for the wonderful transaction.
    10. I bought some minifee boots from WillowFayre, and they came rapidly along and in perfect shape! My boy now has his boots, and I'm a happy buyer! ^_^
    11. I bought an MSD Dress from WillowFayre, the quality is like new and shipping was exceptionally fast! Thank you so much!
    12. I sold some clothes to WillowFayre and was very pleased with the entire transaction. She was polite and prompt in her communication and paid quickly too. I would definitely do business with her again. Thank you!
    13. I bought an MSD hoodie from WillowFayre and she was amazing to deal with. :) I definitely would buy from her again! :)
    14. I sold an outfit to WillowFayre and she paid right away. Excellent communication. Thoroughly enjoyable transaction!! Thanks so much!! :)
    15. I bought a pair of leather studded pants from WIllowFayre at a convention, then turned around and bought a Dollzone Mo-2 from her. In both cases, she was very sweet and good to deal with. The Mo-2 was shipped the day I paid, and he got here immediately. I am very pleased and look forward to buying from her again.
    16. i bought some clothes from WillowFayre and although they got caught up in customs for a long while [ which is why the feedback is being given so late - i'm sorry! ] they are wonderful <3 the items were sent in good time and are as described. thank you! great seller.
    17. WillowFayre purchased my MNF Soo and the transaction couldn't have gone more smoothly. She was friendly, communicative, paid when she said she would and let me know that the girl arrived safely. I highly recommend her and would happily do business with her anytime! Thanks! :)
    18. WillowFayre bought a dress from me. She paid quickly and was very nice to deal with. And she let me know once the outfit arrived. Very smooth transaction. Thanks again :)
    19. WillowFayre purchased a Honey Delf Pudding from me. The whole process went over smoothly except for a small hiccup, but once we figured out the problem she was quick to cooperate. She is definitely reliable~
    20. I bought a pair of SD shoes from WilowFayre and things couldn't have gone any better~. The shoes are absolutely gorgeous and the communication was smooth as silk. ^w^
      Not even one problem arose. :3

      Thank you once again!