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Feedback x Opalyne

Dec 18, 2006

    1. Hi,
      if you have had commerce with me, left a comment please :sorry
      my ebay feedback
    2. Great seller!!!!!!! very friendly and gentle comunication! Speed shipping!

      thanks for your great outfits! :)

      A ++++++++++ :lol:
    3. I've bought from her a doll and she was really friendly
      Fast shipping and comunication!

      thank you ^^

    4. I had many transaction with Opalyne, I was a pleasure to deal with her!

    5. I recently purchased a doll from her and she was very nice and helpful! Quick shipping and excellent communication. She is a great seller. :)
    6. Great seller.
      I bought from Opalyne a dress and she even sent me a little gift.:apresent:
      She is so sweet and great to deal with. :aheartbea

      Thank you so much Opalyne.:aangel:
    7. I bought from Opalyne a tan BC Kumi and I'm very happy !
      The doll arrived safely and in perfect condition (with a lovely outfit). Opalyne always answered very fast to my messages. A very serious person that I recommend ! :D
    8. Opalyne bought a doll from me, the communication was quick and friendly, the payment was very fast. Thank you for this great transaction. ^^
    9. I bought a head from opalyne, she was always extra nice and efficient, highly recommended seller ;)
    10. Feedback: POSITIVE

      She pay me very fast!!!!!! Friendly messages and good comunication!!!highly recommended Thanks opalyne!!!!!!!!!!
    11. Opalyne has purchased a Bluefairy doll from me.
      She's been wodnerful to deal with - very professional and ready to pay.
      Opalyne was also so nice to let me know her new doll arrvied safely.

      Thank you! :aheartbea