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Feedbacks for papayebong

Oct 15, 2009

    1. hi!

      Welcome to my feedbacks topic!

      Please post feedbacks if I have a transaction with you :)

    2. I had a wonderful time getting to know papayebong through our transaction! :3 Not only did she purchase a Soom Io head from me and paid promptly, and let me know when he arrived... But she also taught me so much about French and Italian people! X3 Thank you, Francesca! *bisous!* :3
    3. Papayebong is nice to work with. Fast payment and communication. Sorry about the paypal fee. Hope you will still buy from me in the future. Chinadoll
    4. i was so happy with this transaction!! Papayebong bought from me a MNF body...she paied faaaast ..really smopoth transaction and lovely girl
      have fun with your Unoa eeheheh
    5. Papayebong purchased an Unoa from me, she paid quickly and had wonderful communication. Thanks so much!
    6. Papayebong bought doll eyes from me. She paid quickly and told me when package arrived.
      A pleasure to do business with.
    7. I bought a doll head and I'm very pleased with my purchase, it was also well-packed. Everything went smoothly and papayebong is a very nice person. :)
    8. I bought a Heliot body from papayebong and she as absolutely amazing! She sent him well packaged and arrived very quickly.
    9. Papayebong bought dress from me. She paid quickly and told me when package arrived. Highly recommended :]
    10. I bought a Soom IO head from papayebong. Let me tell you, she did an amazing packing job for him! And she was such a pleasure to buy from, I would do it again in a heartbeat. Thanks so much!
    11. papayebong bought some outfits from my shop, and she was wonderful! Her communication is very consistent and friendly, payment is super fast, and it was an overall very smooth transaction on my part. I definitely look forward to working with her again and highly recommend her to anyone! :D

      Thank you so much again for everything--it's been a pleasure working with you! :aheartbea ^__^
    12. papayebong bought a Mature Narae 60 head from me. The transaction was perfect, prompt payment, friendly communication and all round excellent buyer,
      Thank you,
    13. I've bought a School C head from Papayebong. The transaction was very smoothy and friendly, and I couldn't get happier with this beautiful girl! Thank you very much!
    14. papayebong bought a Crobidoll Ys B from me. she paid very fast after details were sorted and let me know when he got there.

      thanks a lot and hope to do business again with you.

    15. Papayebong sold me Unidoll Dalia - beautiful mod and very nice natural makeup!!!
      So happy with that girl,thank you so much!!!!!
    16. Papayebong bought a latidoll red body from me.
      She was very fast with the payment, and very, very comunicative and friendly. She let me know when the package arrived at her home.
      I would repeat again, like buyer or seller.

      Francesca, thank you very much <3
    17. Bought a beautiful Bimong Neferti 'Korean Resin' head from papayebong <3

      Lovely transaction all round; helpful, friendly, shipped amazingly quickly and the parcel was extremely well-wrapped. Even down to finding/suggesting hybrid bodies for the head :aheartbea

      Thank you so much. It truly has been a pleasure!
    18. papayebong bought a Ariadoll SD body from me. Everything went smoothly, it was a perfect transaction!
    19. I sold a wig to papayebong, who was lovely to deal with! She paid very quickly, was fast in replying all PMs and informed me when the wig arrived at her place. Thank you for being a wonderful buyer.
    20. I sold a SD17 Hijikata head to papayebong, it was a perfect transaction. Communication was great! XD Thanks again and I would definitely do business with papayebong again! :)